Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shopping, Dinner and Movie in A Day

Sorry not going to blog about my university today because I have assignments to complete and that entry is pretty long. Here's a shorter entry to compensate.

Back in Malaysia, every night is happening because we have 24 hours mamak all around the place for us to chill out. However, this isn't the case for a small suburb where I'm currently living. The only happening night in the whole freaking week is none other than Friday because that is the only day where the shops in city close at 9pm (instead of 5pm everyday).

We try to make a point to go out on every Friday because that is our only day getting out of the house, apart from going to uni of course.

Yesterday we went to have dinner at a good and famous Korean restaurant...


called MadTongSan II. People told me that the food in MadTongSan I is pretty awful and I find it weird because they are under the same management. Well, I don't know why also.

There were 10 of us but we have to split into 2 tables because the restaurant was packed with people! Thank goodness my friends went there early to get a place first :)

Another interesting thing was, we were split into the "marketers table" and the "accountants table" -_____-


Marketers table comprises of Tim, Sim...

Photobucket beautiful Korean friend, Rachel and your blogger, Yian. By the way, she calls me by my English name. It sounds so 'exclusive' because there aren't many people calling me by my Eng name over here :p

Oh my God. Look at my curls! it's so straight now T______T And I can't believe my hair took 3 months to grow back to its original length. That's not even a semester here!!! -.-

Food wise, it's darn good! The ambiance is fantastic and the waiters and waitresses are handsome and pretty because they are all Koreans~


Timmy's raw beef rice.

1 thing I like about Korean restaurants is that they always give 3 free side dishes for you and best part of all, it's unlimited refill. I heart the potatoes and kimchi above! The pasta is so random because that is not Korean food -____-


Tim with his raw beef rice.


Sim: colourful~
Yian: What are those? Watermelon is it???

(Everyone burst into laughters)

Yian: =______= What?
Sim: It's raw salmon lah! Not watermelon. LOL.

I really don't know ma... T____T


Sim's raw salmon and his face after laughing at me.


We girls ordered Kimchi don't know what soup with rice.

I LOVE KOREAN FOOD!!! But I find that everything is not spicy enough though :( Rachel, being a Korean herself, thinks that it's the soup above was quite spicy but I think it's not spicy at all. LOL.

Call me cili padi. Hahaha...


Rachel with her kimchi soup.


Yian with her kimchi soup. This Sim damn bad okay. Rachel's photo looks so nice while mine is blurry. Cis.


After a hearty and scrumptious meal, we headed downstairs to the Korean supermarket and bought ice-creams as dessert! How not to put on weights you tell me T______T

And yes, guess what's in my pocket!


Jordan with his Korean snacks. No idea what he bought anyway.

After dinner, we went to walk around the city before headed over to SouthBank for a movie.


6 of us (including Amanda who's holding the camera) decided to cross the bridge on foot while the others took a ferry over.

Arrived at the cinema to meet up with another group of friends and man! I didn't know there'll be so many people watching the Max Payne movie together. Ever wonder how a movie ticket in Australia looks like?

Got to blur out the price just in case bro is reading.

A very thin and fragile piece of paper -___-

My review about this movie is...

Don't waste your money to watch it. Splurge it on food instead.

Very happy yesterday because the dress that I bought has finally arrived! ^.^ Gonna wear it soon and show you people~

Finally, my favourite purchase of the day is....

Got to blur out the price again just in case my bro is reading.

Paris Hilton's perfume. It was on sale so it's darn cheap and I've been eyeing on it long time ago :p I just love the scent.

Now I smell like a bimbo!!!!!!!!!! Roar!

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