Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Old You. The New You.

I believe many people used to have this same moment as me.

A moment where you look at your old photos taken many years back and you either a) laugh out loud or b) -_______-'''

How many of you find that you look ugly last time and don't dare to show your friends the old photos of you hands up!


How many of you find that you look ugly last time but dare to show your friends how you look like so that everyone can laugh together hands up!

I have encountered the first scenario so many times because all the girls are very conscious with their look. And then some will go like, "Yucks... don't post it up please" or "Omg... Don't show anyone please! DELETE it!!!"

If you think about it, when all your old ugly photos are deleted, do you still have any left for remembrance? Do you still have any for you to reminisce the good ol' times that you used to have?

As for me, I laugh whenever I saw my old photos. I don't choose to delete it because that reminds me of how I used to look like and how much I've changed to be what I am today. Better still, it tells you that you are prettier now (sorry la if you've grown to be uglier) compared to a few years ago. Well, it really depends on how you look at it - whether optimistically or pessimistically.

It's a bit narcissistic I know. But it's a good way of comforting yourself XD

I never hate how I look like back then although I know that I ain't pretty. But I'm happy being me and I accept the look given by my parents! And being able to laugh at it now.

Kanasai and now I'm showing you people so that you all can laugh as well. Can't believe I'm actually doing this.

Disclaimer: If anyone of you scared that you'll get eye infection after looking at my photo, please don't proceed!!! I'm not liable for any medical fee.

Okay. You ready?


WTF??????? Wahahahahahahahaha.....

I think it was taken like... 3 years ago or so?

I swear during that time, this was one of the best photo I've taken of myself!!! I was so proud of it back then but now, I'm sitting right in front of the laptop laughing at it.

How come my right eye is smaller than my left eye and I didn't know that???

Don't say I look ugly okay? During that time I got more people going after me than now lor!!! T______T Old already. No more charm. No more appeal. No more 18 sui, pok pok chui.

I got many old photos but too shy to post up. That was how I looked like 3 years ago.

This is how I look like 3 years later.


Daddy. Your girl has grown up.

I don't know why my eyes got bigger now. No plastic surgery okay. All thanks to the wonders of make up. But I still wish to have double eyelids :(

Shit. Now I'm worried that I'll be laughing at this photo few years later -____-'''

I sibeh love my pink earphone!!!! Sorry for the randomness.

Eh. Don't curi my photos and circulate around the net please. If you do, I swear that you don't get to celebrate new year. Forever.

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