Saturday, October 04, 2008


Justin Lo's album is awesome!!! I'm so addicted to the track 4 'Wei Shu'!!!!!!!

Currently listening to Jay Chou's latest album - Capricorn!!!

It's sooooooo nice and some tracks are really cute.

Again, I might be bias because... well, it's Jay Chou omg!!!!

Mabuk riang sekarang. LOL

Thank you SO much to Yoke Man!!! I love you all the way from Australia~

I should be sleeping now since it's already 2.20am but damn it!!!!! I'm so upset now.

First of all, I got eye infection again!!!

I kept tearing with green pus that covers half of my vision most of the time. I have already wiped so damn many times and it still doesn't stop. So frustrating.

Secondly, my cough is back. To be precise, I think I haven't fully recover yet and during Timmy's party, I drank a bit of alcohol. Now I kept coughing already wtf! I drank very very little only okay!!!

Man. 4 shots only lor. Hmph!!!

Thirdly, after Showgirls that night, I have sore throat and I have no freaking idea why. I didn't even shout nor eat a lot of heaty stuff.

Finally, which is the worse part of all - I'm having gastric now. OMG!!! I know I have very terrible gastric all the time but my biggest mistake at the moment is that I actually forgot to bring my gastric pills from Malaysia!!! I always forgot to buy some from pharmacy over here :(

Why am I having all these "packages" at the same time? Sickness also must come in a "package".

Ok lah. My gastric is killing me. Got to force myself to sleep so that I don't feel the pain T_T

Can someone send me Magnesium Trisilicate to Sixth Avenue for me?

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