Friday, October 31, 2008

How Students Relax to Release Stress

As expected, I'm blogging from the library again! LOL. I'm taking a break from studying before starting on another subject so here I am, updating my site.

Last Friday was a long day. After submitting my last assignment, I went home to take a short nap (my friend calls it as 'power nap') before joining my friends for dinner at the city along with Hui Yee, who finally hung out with us for the first time after 2-3 years of knowing her.

Dinner was at Hanaichi because the portion served is big enough to feed all the starving students who have to wait for me to come all the way from St Lucia. Wasn't entirely my fault okay!!! I missed 2 freaking buses because it were all full.

After dinner, we headed over to the snooker centre since it was still early for our movie.


Look at the way Timmy plays snooker -______-

He lifted his right leg just to pose for this photo wtf. What a poser he is! LOL.

After wasting spending an hour there, we walked over to South Bank to purchase our movie tickets.

Jordan please don't sleep.

This photo gives you deja vu isn't it? I posted a similar photo before last time but this time, my darling Hui Yee is inside~

(Look at the way Phan posed! Superman pose ni)

Cinema's candies section.

It was Hui Yee's first time visiting to the cinema after coming over for more than 3 months.

By the way, if you are curious, we watched SAW 5 and omg it's sibeh gory please!!!!!! Frankly speaking, I would rather watch horror movies than violent+gory movies. However, if you put those disgusting parts aside, the whole idea and meaning behind the movie is pretty good - in a way.

I went to the toilet after the movie and a girl who used the cubicle beside me actually puked. Now, please use your imagination on how gory Saw 5 is. I-M-A-G-I-N-E!!!

Headed back to the city for a drink after being persuaded by the guys.


"Everyone... all the best for your exams!"

Search for Sim's face from the photo above.

All of us were tired and sleepy already but we still refused to go home early (it was already 12+ am).

We were practically taking our own sweet time to drink and actually missed the 1.15am night link (night bus comes every 1 hour on Friday only. If you go home past 12 on any other days, all you can do is to walk all the way home!).

Since we missed the 1.15am bus and have to wait for the 2.15am bus, we decided to head over to the Pancake Cafe that opens 24 hours because all of us were hungry.


This is the time where I miss our Malaysia mamak. There are plenty of mamaks or eateries that open 24/7 but over here, you have to search high and low for a shop/restaurant that opens past 5. And if you are really hungry at night and you managed to find one that operates that late, no matter how expensive it is, you're willing to pay for it trust me.



Everyone was tired and kept yawning while waiting for the food to arrive.


It was already 1 plus and it was Hui Yee's bedtime. I usually sleep late but because I had only 2 hours of sleep on the night before plus 1 hour of power nap in the afternoon, I struggled to stay awake ya know.


Food was served pretty slow at Pancake house and we seized this opportunity to camwhore :p

To be precise, Hui Yee and I only have a pic taken together. Others belong to the guys =.='''


Hui Yee and I shared this Chocolate something pancake. SUPERRRR nice though it's a little too sweet.

Price? $13 if I'm not mistaken -____- That was my first supper since coming over to Australia! Woohooooo~~



All the guys ordered this original classic pancake or however you want to call it.

The funny thing is, because the food was served pretty slow, we missed the 2.15am bus lor!!!!!!

I almost died on the spot.

We left the place after finishing our pancakes and headed over to McD because the guys were still hungry!!! We spent 20mins waiting for the bus at the bus stop to ensure that we don't miss the 3.15am bus or else I think I might as well just sleep there at the road side.

We walked Hui Yee home first before the guys walked me home and by the time I reached my house, it was already 3.50am.

I was knocked out by 4am and still have to wake up early for my shopping outing with Yung Hui the following day. Life's hectic when exams are just around the corner. How ironic.

Alright man. It's 10.25pm and I have to get back to study before the library closes at 12am :)

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