Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Want Nobody But You

I swear this is the best MV I've ever come across!!! (and a hint of humour inside too!)

Need I say more? Spare a bit of your time to watch it! It really worth your time trust me ;) This is the second time I recommended Wonder Girls's song and this song, 'Nobody' topped the chart in Korea for a couple of weeks already!

Now, are you convinced to watch it?

Holy cow!

You seriously cannot imagine where am I blogging right now. I'm blogging in the library!!! That's why I said that I'm a good and hardworking girl. Final examinations next week and I need to study like a nerd because I've just submitted my last assignment on Friday and can finally concentrate on my finals now :(

I'm running out of time!!!

Right. I shall resume with my studies and maybe update tomorrow night instead :)

I'm such a good girl. Now I hope my mama reads this~

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