Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Initially when I did my Ultraman banner, I thought I would stick to it for more than 6 months before changing to a new one. I did my Ultraman in June this year. But I'm already bored of it (though it's freaking cute!!!) and out of boredom, I created a new one.

With my face in it.
Sorry please don't puke *insert innocent face*

So... here's my new banner!!! I wonder how long this banner can last. LOL. I decided to use back the previous background simply because I love it so much~

Actually this going to be my temporary banner before my friend design a new one for me! Woohoo~~ Meanwhile, how should I say it? Hmmmm... Limited time period only? Kakakakaka....

Ok whatever. Just don't leave my blog please T____T

I've decided to zhng my banner! This time, I'm gonna be extremely narcissistic.

You could have guessed what it'll be :p

But DAMN Photobucket currently undergoing maintenance -_-''' Wrong timing ni.

Have you reminded yourself to smile today?

Keep smiling my friend.
Tomorrow will be another beautiful day.