Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Free Lunch

I have enough!!!!!

Enough is enough!

Emails kept flooding my inbox with this invitation about winning a FREE handbag. Usually I'll just click and delete this type of mail because I consider it as spam/scam mails but in this case, it was all the same invitation by my close friends. I find it interesting and decided to visit the page.

And I freaking sign up to it!!!! Unbelievable yea?

You should also go to Handbag Planet to win yourself a free handbag!!! It's completely free with no S&H charges and they are giving out a free handbag every hour for 24 hours. You can even choose the handbag of your preference ;) Procedures are simple as ABC.

1) Fill in your first name and email
2) Choose your handbag
3) What else? That's all!!!

You should go and check it out seriously. Guys!!!! Fret not! You just go and sign up first. If you ever wins it, you can always give it to me!!!!!!! LOL. Girls can never get enough of handbags, no?

Quickly go and sign up before it's too late!!!

Seriously if I don't win any handbag from them, you won't be seeing this entry anymore.
No free advertorial for them! LOL.

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