Friday, October 24, 2008

Eyes on Me. But I Have A Tough Job.

Today I shall bring you to the Eyes of the world!!!! In photos I mean.

Aren't you as excited as me?

This is the best ferris wheel design of all.

Malaysia Boleh!!!!
Design is quite pretty too~


I believe you must have encountered some people who often complain about their job right???

Now what you can do is... show them this entry and tell them not to complain anymore about their job!

Read on and you'll know why.

Oh my God. I don't even think I'm willing to smell my husband's armpit lor wtf.


Tough job mate. Tough job.

Guess your job is tough? Think again.

Something light and easy today because I'm too tired due to all the excessive outings from yesterday and today. Besides, I can't edit photos because my scratch disk is full :(

I shall see if I post up something tomorrow.

Peace out.
Finals are coming T_______T

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