Thursday, October 16, 2008


Error: Temporary brain dead due to the excessive amount of assignments on hand.

Just completed 1 assignment today and there are 2 more to go T______T

And finals is just around the corner. I'm so screwed. And dead.

On a happier note, I am so happy to work with HY and WF on our group assignment simply because I had so much fun and laughter while doing it!!! Besides the fact that Retail assignment is fun, the best is of course the group mates that I'm with. This is my first time working with them and I certainly did not expect to have so much fun with them.

Each time we meet up for discussions, we ended up laughing and crapping away. Trust me, this is the best way to relax and release stress :) With such working attitude, it is a miracle that we managed to finish our assignment so quickly. I guess that's because we helped each other out a lot instead of doing our own part without bothering about each other.

Frankly, I always look forward towards our discussion because I know that I will enjoy myself. Today, I laughed so much till I have tears in my eyes. Though I won't be meeting up with them anymore, I'm also glad that the assignment is finally done now so that I can concentrate on my remaining assignments T___T

Regarding my funny MSN nickname, I am currently trying very hard to brainwash myself to love and embrace journals okay!!!!!!


Currently desperate for this.

Super duper ultra mighty (insert powerful words that you can think of) desperate for hair wax now!!!! They don't sell this brand of hair wax in Australia T________T

Really kanasai.

Alright. Next entry I'll show you around my university since some of you asked me why I didn't post photos of it. The problem is.... My uni is so big until I didn't get to take pics of the whole uni! Actually I'm just plain lazy to walk around to take photo. Guess I'll just show some parts of it lah okay?

Not allowed to complain!

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