Saturday, September 13, 2008

Turn Back Time

You know what I'm missing dearly at the moment?

Not anyone in particular. It's something that I'm missing actually (other than BarBQ Plaza of course).

I miss my long straight hair!!!!! (Photo taken last year)

I was browsing through my old photo folders and found out that I used to have very very long straight hair last time. I don't even remember I used to have hair that long. I'm missing it :( I miss having straight hair where I can comb through my hair with my fingers whenever the wind blows and not having to wax my hair everyday.

I was actually considering whether to straighten back my hair next year or not but my friends said that I look better with curly hair.

Guess I just have to stick to my current image.

And I realised that I'm quite experimental in changing or trying new hairstyles last time! Though it's all straight but the hairstyle is kinda different each time I pay a visit to the saloon. Guess I just can't stick to the same thing for too long :p On top of that, I don't like my hair to be too long and once it reaches the length where I consider as 'long', I'll go and get it chop off. I don't mind at all because my hair grow pretty fast actually. LOL.

Meanwhile my hair is considered not-too-long, let me miss my looooooong hair for a bit okay?

My very long hair before I cut it real short.

I got a hair cut (at the bloody Kimarie who screwed up my hair) before flying over to Australia because I knew that I won't be visiting to the saloon for a LONG time. I just want to go back to Rex! Kakakaka....

I want to dye my hair again!!!
It's addictive.

While browsing through the Rock Up! photos, I found a photo that I like very much. And I still like it until today!

Picture perfect!

Other than my favourite photo above, do you people still remember this?

Oh my God.

They love me so much don't they?

I'm missing my long hair. LOL.

Mooncake festival entry next! Woohoo~

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