Thursday, September 04, 2008

Today has been a very irritating and annoying day because it rained for the whole day!

I hate rainy days in Australia probably because I have to walk to uni everyday and the bottom of my jeans will get wet - which will lead to feeling very uncomfortable throughout the day in uni.

Thank goodness the rain has stopped or else I'll be complaining and whining even more now :p

Anyhow, next week onwards, you'll see me dead with the amount of assignments and presentation awaiting me to complete T________T And everything is so freaking tough compared to HELP!!! As in much much more difficult and strict dammit.

Enough of whining. Time to watch drama now before I read up a little for tomorrow's discussion with friends.

Sigh. Student's life.

Proper update soon! Totally stressed out thanks to the pile of notes in front of me to read -_-

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