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My First Clubbing in Brissie!


Seriously, the internet at my living place always gives me problem and I couldn't come online for 2 freaking days! Add another 1 day because I stayed over at the guy's place on Friday night (I'll explain why later).

Conversation that happened today...
Yian: I didn't online for 3 days already thanks to the internet at my place. I'm going to die if today still can't come online.

(Chong looked at Phan and both laughed -_-)

Phan: No wonder didn't see you online lah....
Chong: And it feels weird not to see her online right?
Yian: -____________-'''
Chong: Your blog also outdated already...
Phan: Yalah yalah...
Yian: T____________T
So evil.

Anyhow, as promised, here's a proper update on my life in Australia. I decided to skip another entry about the Riverfire festival and blog about this first because I'm more excited in writing this :p

In fact, I can't wait to write about this!

Last Friday the "accountants" had their toughest mid-term exam ever and after their exam, I was asked by Yung Hui to accompany her shopping to release stress. On the same day as well, I was invited by the guys to go clubbing with them.

Tempted by them, I decided to accept both invitations but since I have to shop during the day, I can't put on my usual smokey eyes make up and low cut top for clubbing. I ended up with light make up, jeans and t-shirt for the day +__+

To inform you people, I actually did photoshop my hair in the photos below because my hair was really messy and ugly that night. At least I admit that I PSed my hair :p Don't mind okay? I have bad hair day everyday ya know T_T


Yung Hui and May Yoong who studied like crazy for their mid term. They deserve to have a break right?

Yung Hui was the only one who shopped that night while May Yoong and I accompanied her as her butler.


When they are free, it's my turn to suffer from the amount of assignments! What a life.

That night we tried out the newly opened Little Singapore in the city because we miss Asian food like crazy!!!!!!

Our drinks.

I didn't drink cold drinks for weeks already due to my sickness. Though I haven't fully recovered, I still order cold lemonade, which caused me to cough even more that night.

Padan muka lah saya tau.


Yung Hui's very very big plate of wan tan hor.


May Yoong and I ordered nasi lemak. I miss nasi lemak SO MUCH! The food in Little Singapore is pretty good though it's a little pricey :( And the rice isn't santan rice to begin with! Sambal sikit lagi (on the eggs). But the curry chicken and rendang are good thank goodness :)


Happy May with her plate of nasi lemak.


Happy Yung with her super big plate of wan tan hor where she miraculously able to finish it on the spot!


Happy Yian because she's able to eat nasi lemak after 2 months of leaving Malaysia.

After dinner, we took a ferry over to South Bank for a walk and some bought the delicious Cold Rock ice-creams except for me of course T______T After spending some time walking around the place and hanging around in the cinema, we went back to the city for....


At Reiji.


Jordan in his new Superman t-shirt that he bought in Movie World. It was also Jordan's first clubbing in his life, right?


And that's my first clubbing in Australia! Best part of all? I was still sick and it's freaking damn potong I tell you.

(Btw Teng, where is our clubbing photos taken in Passion before I leave Msia?)


The guys seems to enjoy themselves very much that night.


They were dancing and drinking away like nobody's business.


But of course you must calculate how much you have before you party. I was being a good girl that night because I only drank 1 bottle of Corona and a glass of tequila shot since I was sick. If I wasn't sick... I guess I'll be drinking like nobody's business too :p


It was damn packed that night. You can barely stand on the dance floor without getting sandwiched by the people I swear.


Told ya that the guys really enjoyed themselves that night.

I mean, of course they enjoyed themselves! In Malaysia, girls enjoy clubbing because guys will be the one approaching the girls to rub shoulder with them. Here in Australia, the girls are the one making the first move to rub shoulder with the guys!!!

Gosh. I don't think I can even do that. I just can't get wild in front of my uni friends I don't know why. I can only do it in front of my secondary school friends!!!!! LOL.

Why are you so excited?


Can you see the guy in pink behind? I have been checking him out noticing him at the entrance before we came in. Coincidentally I got his face captured in the photo above. Not on purpose okay! He hanged around our place all the time that's why.... =x


Kakakaka... I don't know why I showed rabbit teeth in the picha above. So embarrassing!

My hair is still so short. Sigh.

Sim obviously high already.


Phan confessed today that he pretended to be high that night! Wtf??? Just admit that you are dammit.


Jeremy (left) that I got to know that night. He's quite a nice person. The other is Andrew, which I already know during their basketball and futsal games.

Ron -> Heng -> Phan -> Timmy -> Sim ->Jordan.

I've met Ron many many times but not even once he spoke to me I don't know why. It's either he's shy or I have face problem -_-''' He's the only guy who doesn't talk to me!!! OMG! So sad.

Andrew -> Yau Yang (I guess) -> Jeremy -> Chong -> Ron -> Heng.

Guys in black.


Heng whom I got to know that night and he's super duper friendly and nice.

Ohya, thanks for the tequila shot ;) Next time on me okay?

Phan, you better remember that you owed him too!

LOL. That night was so hilarious. Heng, Phan and I were queuing to buy a drink and while taking out my purse, Heng said that he'll buy me instead. This thick skin Phan, upon hearing that, he asked Heng why he only treat me and don't treat him. This question from Phan earned him a shot in return.

Super za dou!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you actually said that! Dare to say that you are not high huh???


Tim, you don't have to stretch your eyes so big. You have the biggest eyes among the guys okay.


But don't even think of competing with Chong. Even my eyes are not as big as his T_____T


The sexcited guys who managed to get girls that night.


Of course I must end the entry with my favourite picture taken that night :)

As lucky as it may seems, I was indeed the only girl with the guys that night. And according to the guys, I should be proud! So proud I shall.

Though I didn't dance and drink much that night, I did enjoyed myself because of the company that I'm with. Next time I'll wear sexier and put on thicker make up to deceive the guys there. LOL. I actually felt pretty odd that night because the girls dressed so sexily and were slapped with an inch thick of make up on their face while I was covered up in jacket and with minimal make up.

Must be kiasu a bit!!!! Cannot lose to them next time XD

I'm joking of course. I'm a good girl. I no longer club so wildly like how I did back then where I allow guys (good looking ones only of course) to hug and kiss me on my cheek. Well, there's nothing wrong if I'm still wild because I'm still single!!!!!

I know he won't be reading this :p

Anyhow, I stayed overnight at the guy's place because they promised me second round of drinking but Jordan and Phan knocked out before the drinking session starts. So I actually stayed overnight for no reason at their place -_-''' Got to bath in cold water at 4 something am some more knowing that it's freaking cold at night in Brissie.

Damn best.

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