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The Journey Between Us

Since I can't blog about yesterday's party yet due to the incomplete set of photos, I shall write about something else instead. Something that I had wanted to write but just couldn't find the right time to do it.

It's the journey between me and Teng. If you are not interested, you may come back again some other day. If not, have a good laugh at how I looked like many years ago.

But if possible, don't laugh can or not?

Teng, I got know you since Standard 5 (Megah) and honestly, I didn't have a good first impression of you because I think you were fierce, unfriendly and quiet. That's because you seldom talk and laugh with us. All I could remember was when we teased you with KM because you liked him at that time. I even remembered you joined my team for handball and netball due to peer pressure and as a captain, I placed you as a substitute because I thought you were not good enough and you always couldn't make it for the training.

I believe I could possibly be the harshest and strictest captain ever. LOL. That's because during training, we kept losing to the others and I am left without a choice but to increase the amount trainings.

At least I know what I did was right the moment we won first on the day of our competition. The feeling of winning is great isn't it?

Today, if you were asked "When are the best times we both had together?" question, what could your answer be?

I would admit that the best times in my life with you are the times we had in secondary school. Amazingly, I remembered almost everything clearly what happened back then despite having bad memory as I'm famous for.

Back in Form 5, the guys in our class will always come to our place to crack jokes just to make me laugh. And not even once they fail in that. Those days were the days where I laughed the most (friends, if you think I laugh a lot now, back then is even worse!) in my life.


That's because I'm with the people that I can really trust and love me for who I am.

We always walk around the school to do our club's duties and you girls would accompany me to peep at 'him' everyday. Aren't we really carefree, or perhaps, stressfree at that time?

Or I should say, naive?


Remember the photo above? Remember that I like to laugh at how you seemingly lying on Cheok's boobs?


Remember how proud we were in losing the games we played and have to be drawn on the face by friends? Do you think our friends will still game for it without giving a damn about their image now?

During the Genting trip, I was dared by you girls to go for Solero Shot knowing that I'm extremely afraid of heights. But I still go for it just because I was dared by you girls. Shen Ling who sat beside me started to cry and somehow, I ended up laughing throughout the ride.

So memorable ain't it?

(I like Lee Ting and Chee Kin's expression above! Damn stone)


I felt like we belong to a big family you know. Really.


Celebrating your 17th birthday marks the first time of me entering Redbox for karaoke. Looking at the photo above, all of us looked so young and youthful right? Hahaha... All of us have changed so much since the day we left our school.

By the way, I believe in that year, red and pink were in trend. Look at how the colours of our dressing compliment each other! Pure coincidence!!!


Undeniable that you and Yee Mei are the friends that I consider as my 'good friends'. I've been through so much with you both that made me grew stronger and more mature as I am today.

The hardest thing that I learnt was to let go.


This was the one and only photo we took looking intimately together and that was requested by you. We don't usually take photo like that do you realise? That's because I think we don't necessary have to. As long as we understand and know each other's status in our heart, that's more than enough.

Deng. Don't laugh at how I looked like last time please T_______T That was 4 years ago lor!!!

We both are always game for anything that is deemed as 'fun' to us. We like to try new things for the sake of experience.


We joined the singing competition in our school just for fun and of course, for the sake of experience. We didn't even practice our singing much and did everything last minute because we didn't expect to win at all.

Managed to enter final was bonus.

Winning was a big bonus.

But to me, the biggest bonus was to have a bunch of classmates who came all the way to support us and thank goodness, the 3 of us did not waste the entrance fee they paid disappoint them.


After winning, we jokers joked that we should audition for Malaysian Idol and be the first Malaysian Idol in Malaysia. Kakakaka. Thank goodness it was just a joke. You think we can go up against Jaclyn Victor?

Those days were so fun! So carefree! So exciting!


Even wash toilet also we feel happy.

For my 17th birthday, you girls put in SO MUCH effort in surprising me and I swear I'll never forget that in my life. You all (which includes all my classmates) divided the surprises into 3 sections - before class, recess time and after class.

I believe I have the most happening celebration among the classmates right? I love the birthday card a lot because I knew you all sacrificed a lot to get the 'signatures'. Wahahaha....

Thank you for the wonderful memories~


After leaving high school, we kept close contact with each other despite going our own separate ways. Then, we kept experimenting and changing our image to find what suits us best.

That's when we start to experiment with cosmetics and learn step-by-step in make up on our own.


However, what I really cannot stand was your lala blonde hair dye lor I admit. Hahaha... I know I've complained that to you 6428414113968 times, but I finally accepted it in the end because you are who you are. Nothing can change who you really are am I right?


For my 18th birthday, you girls accompanied me to go clubbing simply because that was my wish and that night was my wildest clubbing night ever! LOL.

SLing was being so sweet for allowing us to crash over at her place thereafter.


For my 19th, you spent so much time and effort in inviting my close friends to have a dinner with me.


Everyone in the photo are the people that I really like and cherish a lot.

However, people change and so do them. 2 of them decided to walk out of our life to lead their own and what we both could do is to wish them all the best. Though I was utterly disappointed by them again and again, I still miss them once in a while. Especially when I flip back the old photos of us taken in my photo albums.


My 20th birthday, there was another surprise that you girls planned beforehand. Despite you always calling me smart and sensitive, I totally did not expect to have special guests at all that night.


That's another photo that I can laugh at again and again without getting bored. I like it when we often chill out at Honey Bee and Shen Ling and I will teamed up to bully you. Missing those days so much.

Though the craziest days we had were in secondary school. Our crazy antics didn't stop there.


We would just crash at any friends' house during chinese new year to eat up all their cookies and fooled around like primary school kids.


I pretend to be a chinese female ghost. I bet Yoke Man's neighbours must be wondering why I'm using the umbrella since there's no sun at night. And it wasn't even raining. LOL.


The recent ones was us imitating the Grasshopper poster in the middle of First World that managed to make passerbies to stop and stare at us.


And us imitating the Zon Tunda sign, not knowing that Missy Elliot was in the car behind us. LOL.

Question is, do we care as long as we are having fun?

I also like it when you sleep over at my place where we stayed up for the whole night to chat and then dragged ourselves for hiking the following day.


Ahhh... I love our eyebags and dark circles XD


Though I only got to celebrate your 21st birthday, all I can say is, time flies. In a blink of eyes, we both are now 21 years old. From 10 years old till 21, we've walked through 10 years of journey together by supporting and encouraging each other. We laugh and we cry together.

We have been through so much. The amount of obstacles that we faced together just made us grew stronger, closer and more importantly, more mature. Though you did disappoint me again and again, I chose to forgive and forget. Back then, I find it hard and weird by not having you around with me. Being together for 10 years is such a long period of time.

Now that we are so far apart, you know what? I'm able to lead my life without you.

But all I can say is, getting to know and having you in my life is 1 of the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I learnt that I can't always go back to my comfort zone (which is going back to you girls) whenever I'm faced with an obstacle.

Effort in salvaging a friendship does not come from 1 party.

And you know that I don't believe in Friendship Forever don't you?

Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Miss you. I shall see you next year :)

p/s - All photos was taken from 2004-2008. Check out my hairstyle to find out which are the photos taken this year ;)

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