Thursday, September 18, 2008

Individual presentation tomorrow!!! I'm so freaking nervous omg!

I'm going to stress tomorrow morning and by evening time, it's time to partyyyyyy~~

Then, I'm able to show you lots of pretty girls and handsome bois photos because...

(nah, not going to reveal now :p)

I know by far I only posted the clubbing entry with make up on. Well, that's because I'm freaking lazy to make up since arriving here and most importantly, my friends don't apply an ounce of make up on their face.

I don't want to be the odd 1 out -______-

But tomorrow will be different! I'm going to doll up and be a part time make up artist!!! I just can't wait for tomorrow to come, apart from the damn presentation of course.

Okay, back to read my journal T______T
See ya~

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