Sunday, September 28, 2008

Events That I've Attended

Follow up to my previous entry on the upcoming events, here are some photos taken and I won't be long winded today because I just came back not long ago and am dead tired full stop.

Since Yung Hui and I are the member of the WASABI club, we went for the Okonomiyaki lunch together and to our surprise, we met other friends as well.


This is okonomiyaki. According to the email sent to us, okonomiyaki is a Japanese omelet-like dish that is made of flour, egg, cabbage and pork.

It is freaking awesome except that it's a little burnt at the bottom. So, it tasted a tad bit like charcoal omg.


Green tea ice-cream. On a hot sunny day (it's spring now), everyone craves for ice-creams but this green tea ice-cream is a letdown. It's too creamy and it actually melted a bit when the person in-charged passed it to us.

I mean, DUH!!! They left that box of ice-cream outside (though it's not under the sun). With such hot weather, sure melt lah!!!


Yung Hui posed with my ice-cream~

The top that she's wearing is a birthday gift from her housemates. Lovely isn't it?


Another 3 person not in picture were Jeremy, Kai and Esther. They are camera-shy apparently XD

We all left immediately we finished our food for class and on my way, I bumped into Sam and his usual gang of friends. They were actually on their way to buy the okonomiyaki too! What a surprise because I didn't know they all joined WASABI as well. LOL.

Next event that I attended was the Asian Food Nite just to eat....


Never miss nasi lemak so much in my life.

Next food that I'm craving for is satay T______T


UQ Malaysian Students' Society sells nasi lemak and they were the most efficient stall that night. The food arrived early and they actually prepared many boxes of nasi lemakssss.

Damn boleh this time.

But I heard complains that the committee members' attitude tak boleh.


UQ Singaporean Students' Society sells mee goreng with chicken wings.

I'm kinda confused. Do mee goreng+chicken wings represent Singaporean food???

Their food came late. So everyone went to purchase the nasi lemak from our UQMSA club first.


That was UQ Bruneian Students' Association 'stall' and as you can see, the food was late as well. They are selling nasi biryani (as stated in email although in Msia we spell it as briyani) and they made soooooo few boxes of biryani that everything was so sold out in a jiffy.

I want to eat nasi biryani too!!!!

Another stall that I didn't take picture of is the Indian Students' Society because I didn't know that was a stall! Well, it's my fault and they sold prata, chicken curry and gulab jamun. What is gulab jamun by the way??? Can someone enlighten me?


Our very delicious box of nasi lemak that costs us RM4!

Super little sambal anchovies because anchovies over here are very expensive.

I'm not joking.

But eggs are cheap. That's why we get to have 1 whole egg instead of half :p


1. Phan and Chong studying the Hari Raya celebration card.
2. Mark and May Yoong.
3. Yung Hui and Mark.
4. The usually quiet main refec after 5pm was so happening and packed with people that night.

This is something not related to the events mentioned earlier but I was so happy (until today), I just have to blog about it!

My girls and I went to shop in DFO yesterday! After that, we went for a nice dinner in the city and man, we enjoyed ourselves SO MUCH! We just sat there and chit-chatted for I-don't-know-how-long even after finishing our dinner!

Though we were tired, but we're certainly happy and satisfied ^.^


My purchases for yesterday.

Seriously, I hasn't been shopping for a looooooong time because I don't want to waste my parents' money unnecessarily. Since now we are having 1 week break, we went to release stress!!! I was so happy with all my purchases and the best thing is, it's all very cheap! I didn't spend over my budget ;)

So bro, you hear me? Cheap stuff and not exceeding the budget. No unnecessary stuff either.

I trust you that you won't tell parents after reading this! I TRUST YOU!!! Lol.

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