Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to the 80s

"Is sex fun?"

That's possibly the stupidest question I've ever asked yesterday!!! Something is wrong me! Perhaps it's due to the amount of assignments I have. Must be!!!!!!

Anyhow, to the people who are reading this blog, do you know what Forever Friends teddy is or even heard of it before?

Come on, let kakak educate and show you (you know who you are! LOL) what Forever Friends is.

Don't tell me you have never seen this bear before!!!

Forever Friends.

Forever Friends.


Now you know what is Forever Friends huh?

Man. Forever Friends were my favourite bear many many year ago.

Hey, since I'm reminiscing the good old days, why don't I entertain you all with more stuff from the 80s???

Better thank me! And I'm thanking Siew Ling and Yoke Man for forwarding the email to me ;)

Shit. Can't believe I started with something that I have no idea what it is -______- But it's by Steven Spielberg okay!!!

I love to play with this when I was living in Seremban! But my grandparents and parents don't like it because they were worried that I might accidentally swallow the chemical since I was very young at that time.

One of my favourite too!!!

Hahaha... I have all 3 collections at home! I just keep it for the sake of keeping.

What the fish is this??? Their dressing got problem wei.

I love eating chewing gum last time (when I was living in Seremban of course) and this was my all time fav! That's because I can blow very big bubble with it! After that, my brother and I will wet the wrapper and stick it to our hand as tattoo.

Cannot laugh.

Eh so sad! I've never eaten animal cookies during the 80s!!!

Last time's favourite. Currently still my favourite.

I only have a few collections of these.

I have more of these instead! XD

This fish was born in the 1980s?
During my time, I only know flower horn.

Because I find it ugly.

Kakaka... My friends and I like to play this in class! But I can't remember how to fold it already. Anyone of you still remember?

Oh my God. I used to have this too!
But mine cuter :p

Never play such thing before. I played with barbie doll okay. Not this pathetic paper dress-Sakura-up thingy.

Wtf is this?

I have game like that too!!! But it's different from the 1 above.

How to play that? Just swing it around? If so, isn't it suitable for the babies???

You cannot imagine the amount of marbles I used to collect I tell you. I would always save up my allowance just to buy all these marbles as collection. Very colourful and some are really pretty.

Deng. Never like He Man since young. Never like till now.

Used to play too.

Who never eat this jelly before you tell me???

I like to drink this but my dad don't like to buy it because he don't encourage us to drink too much sweet stuff. Too bad.

I never play nor own a lastic before. I guess my grandpa was scared that I'll lastic all his birds. LOL.

Mario!!!!! My favourite game when my dad bought us our first Gameboy.

If my mum ever buy me this, I guess I'm the next Jay Chou already.

I love the cartoon. I love the game. Enough said.

By the way, in the game, I like to use the fella in red and orange!!!

My pencil box used to be like that too! All 2B pencils, metal pencil box with lots of stickers on it.

Paiseh wei. I used to have a pencil box like that also.

Sadly, I don't play with toy gun like that. I played with watergun instead because it's more fun!

But the guys in Manors just bought 2 toy guns. Similar to the one above!

Kakakaka.... I think I used to have that.

Oooohhhh... I love to watch Popeye!

And Power Rangers....

And Smurfs.

But the best is still Dragonball!!!!!! I watched even every-single-season of Dragonball so don't play play. If you did notice, I watched A LOT of cartoons for guys because of my brother's influence.

My grandma always hide this whenever she bought it. That's because she knew that the frosted sugar will be missing, leaving behind the biscuit if I ever find it in the cabinet.

Never eat this before.

I like to collect stickers but not ugly stickers like that.

Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the grape flavour! That's the best!!!

Hahaha... I love Tom and Jerry so much till I re-watched the tape again and again until the tape koyak. LOL.

Toy soldiers. Those belongs to my brother, not me :(

I used to have that! I used to have that!!! I'm missing it now T_____T

I advanced from playing yoyo to Proyo. Hahaha.. I remember my primary school even have Proyo competition! My favourite was bumble bee :p

Damn old school wei this one.....

Gosh. Finally I'm done. I guess this must be one of my longest entry besides all the entries on my trips. Time to sleep!

Night :)

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