Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Gold Coast entry shall be postponed because I just realised that I have a whopping of 600++ photos to edit!!!!!!!!!!

Insane isn't it? And that isn't a complete set yet!!!

You might ask, why want to waste time to edit the photos? Just leave it as it is. The problem is... I cannot stand bad quality photos!!!!!! For someone like me who like photography, you'll get what I mean :p

I'm very free today! It's Sunday and today is my laundry cum grocery shopping day. I'm done with my grocery shopping where I stocked up a drawer full of food like nobody's business -.-

Honestly speaking. Time flies man. In a blink of eyes, I'm already here in Australia for a month and I love the place here very much - the people, the public transportation, the shopping, the weather, the food and etc here.

I'm still keeping in touch with my loved ones back in Malaysia ;) Well, the most popular question asked was none other than, "Are you homesick?"

Must be honest?

By far, not yet. LOL.

I won't say "NO" because I'm only here for a month! So, I would say not yet instead. Maybe it's because I've always been alone, taking care of myself and living alone back in Malaysia, I felt that I'm just leading the same life here in Australia. Just that the room is not as comfortable as my room back in Malaysia, different environment and weather all together.

At times, I'm pretty good in adapting myself to new environment! LOL. My parents should be happy that their daughter is not homesick because they don't have to worry about me! ^.^

Alright alright. There are a couple of things that I miss back home such as food (obviously!), my room, my piggies, my pillow, my bolster and etc. And I'm very very jealous of my friends' very happening parties and outings too!!!!!

T_______________T All without me in it.

Well, now left 4 hours and 35 minutes (6 hours & 35 mins for Malaysia time) before I could scream!!!

So let the countdown begins.... :)

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