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Movie World, Gold Coast

First and foremost...

Thank you SO much to all the gorgeous people for the birthday wishes!!!

Those who wished me via...
1) MSN
2) Facebook & Friendster
3) Smses
4) Calls

Thank you sooooo much! That's very sweet of you people and you cannot imagine how happy I was upon receiving your wishes.

I have a very memorable birthday this year! Shall blog about it next time and now that I've amazingly finished editing 600++ photos, I'm going to blog about my Gold Coast trip in these few upcoming entries.

You want to see more photos than words?

I shall oblige then ;)
(It's really like, super many photos ahead!!! Don't complain mate. Don't complain)

Guess where I went to 2 weeks ago???


I went to Movie World people!!!! Movie World in Gold Coast, Australia!!!



Must take photo before entering.

If you are curious, my face was so screwed up is not because I was scared and were forcing myself to smile. It's because I was facing the sun and I can't blardy open my eyes!!!

And I was eating granola bar to provide me energy to scream for the day.


The entrance ticket costs AUD$69.

And please don't convert to ringgit for me okay??? Tolong ah...

To enter, you have to scan the ticket's barcode (either left or right of the ticket) to a machine to enter. Very canggih. So unlike Genting.


The grand entrance.


Group picture with my beloved friends :)

I know it's a small group because it was just the 12 of us. What to do? The rest had been there already T_____T

Too many people will be very troublesome actually with all the waitings.


This is what greets you upon entering.

It's like, enter already feel scared -_-''' This ride is called Superman Escape and can you see how steep the slope is????????????


The guys.


The girls.

I heart this picture a lot!!! Very nice right? Right?? Right???


This is roughly how the Movie World looks like. I didn't put up everything in order to save space. Or else, this entry will be way too long.


Can you see what I'm actually pointing at?


Very handsome.

Though this Batman car is cool, nothing beats this.....




He's super cool and good looking lor!!!

Alright. Maybe it's wrong for me to judge because I can't see his face after all. But well, he sure has a very sexy mouth and nice jawbone :p

Next picture taken is with....



The dude inside is so cheeky. He kept following me in attempt to scare me. All I could say is, he succeeded in doing so =.=''''

But the question is... Why me???? I'm not Fiona also T_T


Next up, we went for Shrek 3D.


Girls with the 3D spec.


Guys with 3D spec.


That's Fiona.


Can you see the Churros stall? If anyone of you reading this and so happen to come to Australia, you must try the Churros here!!! It's superb.

Just like coming to Malaysia, you have to have satay. LOL. Bad example I know.


Next up... Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster.

Phan, you spoil the pic wei.

This ride is pretty similar to the Cyclone in Genting, but it's 10x better because this ride do go and falls backward!!!! It's totally unexpected and you can't even see the track since it moves backward.

A very very interesting ride that you can't get in Malaysia.


Spooky huh???



Don't mind us because we were too bored of waiting at that time :p

More camwhored pictures time ^.^

Out of hundreds of photos, I'm going to put more of my own photos simply because... well, this is my blog! LOL. My friends in Msia of course wanted to see more of my face instead of others right?


Wah Phan... very cute wo your pose. Wahahahahahaha....

I don't do peace sign when taking photos because that's not my style. I don't do cute Japanese/Taiwanese girl poses -_________-

Unless requested to take silly photos of course.


We walked around and took even more photos before heading for our next ride...


the Wild West Falls.

No idea what it is?


See my face first before I show you what ride it is.



Can you seriously see how high, steep and long the slope is?

I swear that I wanted to give this ride a pass because a) I'm afraid of heights and b) I don't want to get wet. But this Andy Chong Jin Yip doesn't allow me to do and he pushed me all the way in for the ride!!!

T______________T Got friend so evil or not you tell me? But thanks to him, I tried the ride and it was nothing actually. It wasn't as scary as expected :p


I ended up very wet after the ride which made me feeling very uncomfortable for the rest of the day :(

My hair was wet. Same goes to my jacket and jeans. Even my underwear is wet lor! Kanina.

Next, we went for scarier ride which is...


Lethal Weapon.

Look at Yung Hui's (right) reaction already know how scary it is.

There are a few must try rides in Movie World namely, Superman Escape (suppose to be the scariest ride of all), Batwing and Lethal Weapon.

Lethal Weapon ride is actually okay to me but the amount of 360 degree turnings kinda made all of us dizzy at the end. Worse of all, I kept my eyes opened throughout the ride and I felt that I was turning here and there, not knowing where the ground and sky was.

Sibeh dizzy ride I assure you.


But we can still pretend to look fine after the ride. LOL.


After the Lethal Weapon ride, all of us were hungry and went for lunch. We *cough* camwhored before and after the meal.

This is how you look like when you are trying to imitate a cartoon character.


Miss A. Super cute.


Sim... -_____-''''




I really don't know whether to laugh or to cry...


"What's up doc?"

I loveeeeee Bugs Bunny!!! And Tasmanian Devil too!!!


But nothing beats Tweety~~

I hugged Tweety super hard some more. I bet the fella inside must be cursing me.

After a long period of camwhoring, it's time to get down to business. The upcoming rides in line were none other than Batwing and Superman Escape.


I bet my friends would never imagine that I'll ever attempt to go for rides that deal with heights because I'm super duper afraid of heights. I mean, really really afraid.


But I still went for Batwing.

I, too, never imagine myself to go for such ride after my first try on Solero Shot in Genting. Back then I told myself that I'll never try such ride anymore because the one I tried in Genting really freaked the hell out of me by hanging me at the top for a few seconds.

As for Batwing, my friends persuaded me to go for it and again, I obliged. But my face turned really pale while waiting for my turn lah. Hahaha... What to do. Afraid but still want to conquer my fear. That's me.

Conclusion: Batwing is not as scary as Solero Shot. Maybe because Batwing doesn't hang me at the top :p

And finally was my favourite ride of all....


Superman Escape!

Before the ride, I tried to think of a few reasons to excuse myself from sitting it because it does look very scary to me. I mean, look at the slope!!!

But I have my pride. Superman is the main ride in Movie World and I can't possibly tell people that I went to Movie World but didn't try on the Superman. So, I took a deep breath and went ahead.

I ended up falling in love with it!!!!!!!!!!

After the first ride...

Me: OMG!!! Damn nice wei... Second round! Second round!! Second round!!!
Chong: Ok ok...

After the second ride...

Me: Damn nice wei!!! Third round! Third round!! Third round!!!
Chong: =_=''' Closed already lah...

That's right. I went twice for Superman ^.^ Too bad it's closed. If not, I would have gone for third, fourth and fifth round I swear.


This is the funniest photo taken ever!!!!
Look at Timmy's expression!

Chong and I was so brave to not hold on to the handle while riding it. LOL. The ride may look scary but actually it's nothing. Really not scary at all. I can't believe that I'd love Superman also. I don't mind going for that ride again and again. I don't mind going for Batwing again too.

I always thought that I'm too afraid of this and that and I can't do it. But ended up, I always underestimate myself. Kakaka...

For Superman ride, only Timmy, Miss A, Sim, Chong and I went. The rest?


Do what they do best :)


I think this picture is really cute!

Oh my God. More than half of our gang didn't go for the Superman and Batwing -_-


I felt like Superwoman after the ride.


Hahaha... Sook Mun (in maroon top) is soooo cute~




Superman's son, Superboy.

(Friend, you looks like you don't have neck wei. LOL)


This fella... He even wore the new Superman shirt that he bought from the shop there.

"Huh?? Fly to where ar???"

A very blur looking Superman. I call it as... 'The Pirated Superman'.

Wahahaha... I don't think he reads my blog anyway...


I only bought a keychain from there T_________________T


We each had our last individual photo taken before we leave the place. In fact, we were the last to leave Movie World!!! Even the security lady has to wait for us to camwhore first :p Paiseh.

We took the train back to Brisbane and we all love the Scooby Doo that Jordan and Sylvia won from the basketball game in Movie World.


A very tired looking Yung Hui.


A very tired Yian. Haih... My hair damn cannot I know. No choice man. Hair wax all gone thanks to the Wild West Falls T____T





Guys are never serious in taking pic.

That's a wrap :)

I went home with 4 bruises on my arms!!! All because of the extreme rides that I played there. And I almost lost my voice the following day due to the excessive screaming. But it's all well worth it in exchange for the priceless experience I had there :)

Next up will be my road trip!

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