Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's Your Definition?

I have no idea how this topic came about suddenly that sparks great interest in me to blog about it.

Here goes...

"To what extend, do you consider a guy as a gentleman?"

A guy who gives you a lift home a gentlemen? Or someone who carries stuff for you a gentlemen? If so, what do you consider these people as?

Case 1
Guys who will always walk behind the us girls and I once asked them to walk in front of us because girls walk very slowly as compared to guys. The reply I got at that time was, "a guy should never let girls walk behind due to safety purpose". Besides, they never fail to offer to carry stuff for the girls for whatever reason, and always stick to the rule - ladies first.

Age at that time? 14 years old.

Who are they? My elder brother's friends.

Case 2
A dude who will always allow girls to go first, carry books for them, open the car door for them, walk behind them, give them a lift home, accompany them when they are alone, protect them and etc each time without fail.

Age at that time? Since 13 years old until today.

Who is he? My elder brother. But this kanasai has never treated me like that before lor!!! What is this???

Case 3
A joker who will walk girls home, help girls to carry stuff no matter it's heavy or light, always walk behind girls, be with girls when they encounter problems (some guys will walk off so that they don't get into troubles -_-) and ladies always go first.

Age at that time? Since young till today.

Who is he? My younger brother.

Frankly speaking, I'm glad that both my brothers are really gentlemen in person because they made me proud though my elder brother only treats his girl friends that way. But my younger brother is forever a gentleman in front of me and my friends. Right girls??? Right Teng?

Come to think of it, I think I trained them since young because each time they bully me, I told them not to treat a girl like that or else they won't get a gf. Then, I proceeded by teaching them how to be a gentleman such as carrying my shopping bags, books and etc. LOL. I realised that I'm good in manipulating my brothers!!!

Since I kinda grew up with my elder brother and his friends (I'm always the only girl! No wonder I'm such a tomboy T.T), I always get really good and gentle treatment from them because they are the most gentlemen people I've ever come across!!!

You can imagine my horror after I left high school and entered college because I find nobody as gentlemen as them anymore!!! It's like culture shock okay! Don't get my meaning wrongly, all my guy friends are absolutely gentlemen but I swear nobody is on par with my brothers and his friends.

On another note, don't come and tell me that a guy will/should only be a gentleman to the girl they like because I think it's totally absurd. You mean, we girls should only be gentle and caring to the guys we like? If so, how are people going to make an impression or score points from the opposite sex???

Make sense?

It's like, I shouldn't cook for my guy friends to eat or sew Phan's shirt simply because they are not the guys I have crush on??? If I ever do that, I think I'm forbidden from entering Manors already -.-

Actually, this entry seems like I'm boasting how proud I am of my brothers -.- But yeah, do learn from them! Or.... allow me to "train" you!!! LOL.

Crap. Suddenly I felt that this entry is so pointless. The interest is gone out of a sudden -_- Therefore, I shall end my entry abruptly.

(It's already 11.50pm at my place but I'll post all my entries Malaysia time because I'm lazy to change the clock in my laptop. I'm such a good girl now. I sleep and wake up early everyday lor! More about that next time. Ciao.)

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