Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tioman Island - Finale

The day has come to an end. Same goes to this entry. After this, I have nothing interesting to blog about -_-'''

People!!! I'll update you all about this Saturday plan asap okay? I'm too tired lately to plan anything and all I need now is to get some good rest and relax. And to show more of my face to my parents +_+

Back to the main point.

I was the first to wake up despite not having enough sleep due to some reason. We went for breakfast on time and Ah Fok was surprised that we can wake up early because we drank on the night before.

I was excited when I saw our breakfast. It has been such a long time since I had a proper breakfast because it's either I woke up late or lazy to eat breakfast. I miss eating bread with jam, where I always had when I was living with my grandparents in Seremban during those days.

We decided to take a last walk at the beach before leaving at 12pm.

The sea was extremely choppy. Maybe it's due to the heavy rain on the night before.

Compare it with the day before and you'll get what I mean.
Thank goodness we went out to other villages on the day before. Or else, we'll have a rough ride.

My sister. She's someone whom I felt I must protect I don't know why. Maybe she's very petite I guess.

We camwhored a lot too before leaving. LOL.

Seems like they are performing some rituals -.-

I emo again.

But Florence said I looked like I wanted to commit suicide.

Cool or not? Just say YES to please me!!!

This Twin Peaks is always covered by the clouds. I think I didn't show a clear picture of the peaks before right?

Here it is. This is how the Twin Peaks look like on a clear day. It's actually botak and according to Ah Fok, rock climbers love to climb it.

That's crazy!

Us, feeling very comfortable after bathing and just finished packing our luggage :)

Florence's dress is so cute isn't it???

Yoke Man dislike being so tall. I dislike being so short. How beautiful the world can be if I can get 3cms from her. Just 3 cms.... T_____T

Group photo with Twin Peaks as background.

Last group photo with our very nice and friendly guide, Ah Fok. Thanks a lot Ah Fok for taking care of us and I enjoyed my holidays in Tioman a lot. It's very memorable ;)

I'll miss your lame "tiger" joke for sure -_-

Me with Pui Yi. She's the cutest friend I've had. Her blurness and antics just make me laugh all the time! I love her company!!!

Ah Fok is trying to be emo. LOL. I think he'll be very lonely after we left thus the emo moment above.

We got to change ferry and therefore, we dropped by Genting Village for a while.

Genting Village is such a great place to stay because there are SO MANY hotels, shops, hunks and coffee shops around! We were suppose to stay there but the hotels were fully booked. T_T Talk about luck!

However, our ferry delayed and we were left stranded at the jetty for more than an hour and all of us were famished. We immediately look for a place to eat in Mersing the moment we arrived about 3.45pm!

This uncle damn suck I tell you. I don't want to mention what he did but he alone managed to piss all of us off. Especially Pui Yi! She was so angry at him.

Cheok Tho looked damn cool in the picha!!!

We were waiting for the bus to depart at 6pm and Yoke Man suggested that since we were sitting at the pavement, we should posed a bit.

Anyway, we reached KL at 11.45pm and we rushed like mad to catch the last Star lrt to go back to PJ. However, luck wasn't on our side because Star lrt closed early and we were left stranded in KL!

Ended up my dad and Florence's mum came to pick everyone up and sent everyone home. What an experience! First time in my life of rushing to catch the train and best of all, missed the last train.

What a great experience.

All photos are all taken by Yoke Man and my camera. Thanks ya Ms Lam :) Also, thanks to Florence for all her effort in organising such a great trip!!!

p/s - In the bus, I have a very good looking angmoh sitting beside me *drool*

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