Sunday, July 06, 2008

Spring Cleaning!!!

Since I'll be leaving real soon, instead of spending time to pack my luggage (it's already Sunday now and I'm leaving on Tuesday *gasp*), I actually cleaned and tidied my drawer that I didn't touch for I-don't-know-how-many-years!

I found quite many interesting stuff in there but I shall just post up some that I like instead of everything due to privacy.

Can you see my pink mouse behind??? Cute or not?

I was so surprised to find these 4 Hello Kitty keychains in my drawer. If my memory serves me right, I think I got it from Thailand back in Form 1. And moi is still keeping it till today!!! I have already given them to my little cousin sister who adore Hello Kitty a lot. I believe she'll like it =)

This musical box was bought in Seremban when I was very very young by my dad. I love it so much and I actually spent days begging my dad to buy it for my birthday because it wasn't cheap at that time.

Now it's sitting nicely in my dustbin.

Well, it's broken and I don't wish to keep too many rubbish in my drawer! Come to think of it, I used to be crazy over musical box back then -_-

Jeng jeng jeng~~

Super antique walkman player that plays cassette okay!!! I got that since primary school and I'm still keeping it till today! Can you seriously imagine how long I didn't tidy my drawer already? -_-

By the way, that walkman is currently sitting nicely in my dustbin too wtf.

Antique camera that I got when I was in primary school too and it uses film. This is my first ever camera given by my dad because he knew that I love taking photos but he's unwilling to let me use his SLR.

It's really big and bulky.

I remembered I brought this during our lawatan sambil belajar ke Mines Wonderland!!! LOL. Those were the days where I was super chubby wei T________T

Lencana Keris Emas.

This is one of my proudest achievement back in primary school days. I worked so hard as a scout just to earn this badge. And there aren't many people in the school who got this badge 'ya know. So yea, I'm really proud of it! I have lencana keris perak too but I don't know where it has gone to already.

Thank goodness I'm still keeping this!

I'm so pleased to look at my room now because it's very tidy without much rubbish already ^.^ I hope I'll get to clear more things in these 2 days!

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