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Pre-Farewell Outings & Celebrations

Going out for 8 days continuously is not an easy job for me since I'm usually the lazy type of person. What's more, more than RM300 was spent without me knowing it.

What is this????
This must be due to inflation lor!!! I didn't do much shopping and I just spent most of my money on food! Can someone please ask our government to do something about inflation???

However, despite going out for 8 days continuously, I did not take picture everyday and with all the people who went out with me. Therefore, those who went out but don't find your face here, I'm sorry!

Anyhow, I'm going to summarize my outings that has photos taken in 1 entry but no worries, it won't be too long. I hope.

My going to bed look.

I shopped in Nike in The Curve and what really amused me was their super huge Nike paper bag. Seriously, the top that I'm wearing to sleep is original Nike shirt -_-''' I hope Nike people won't be reading this.

What? It's so big and comfortable!

I owed Teng the most for being my driver for so many days by chauffeuring me here and there to buy my stuff. She even has to accompanied me to The Curve and Ikano for 2 days! Thanks darling.

Few weeks earlier, she asked what I would like to eat before leaving and I immediately answered BarBQ plaza, which is our all time favourite place!

Seriously, I'll miss BarBQ plaza a lot T_____T
Their pork set.....

I seldom wear skirts when I'm out and what's more, such a short mini skirt! But I have no choice because I have nothing else to wear and I felt so uncomfortable for the whole day :( The photo above is my first time taking pic in fitting room! I really love the purple top (from Nichii) a lot and that's why I'm desperate to take pic of it since I didn't buy it that day.

I'm so going back to purchase it!!! If I still left some money before leaving on Tuesday of course +_+

Teng really don't like to read books but because we have so much time to spare (we were in One U from 12pm till 7.30pm!!!) while waiting for Florence, I dragged her to MPH to accompany me because I've been wanting to read this 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' book so badly :p

Besides, there's an incident happened to us while shopping in One Utama. There were 2 men (I presume they are from Middle East country) approached me and requested me to try on a shirt that he had bought. To show that Malaysians are friendly Since he seems very friendly, I obliged.

HOWEVER, after trying the shirt for him, he kept mentioning One World Hotel is the hotel that they are staying in. Initially, Teng and I thought they were asking for direction back to their hotel since they can't really speak English.

But the fact is..... I think they are trying to get the both of us to their hotel for you-know-what -_- We kept rejecting and walked away but they kept assuring us that they just wanted to introduce us to their friends in One World.

Like that would be worse isn't it??? Gang rape already wei!!!!

F*uckers. (Sorry, mind the language)

Moving on...

In my MSN nick, I mentioned that I want to eat Bak Kut Teh!!! Yee Mei saw my nick and promised to bring me to a famous bak kut teh stall in Old Town. But the unlucky thing is, the shop was closed that day. So, we went to another stall instead.

It tasted really good! Well, maybe it's because all of us were so hungry since the dinner was at 8.35pm. Everyone came late that's why....

Looking at this made me feel hungry....

That day Pui Yi was SO hungry till she had 2 bowls of rice. Oppss!!! Am I allowed to say that? :p

Even small eater like Cheok Tho kept saying that she was hungry!

Both of them are my good friends. Can also considered as my "antique" collections because I knew them since primary school!!! Love u both mamasan~~

Thank you to the both of you for planning so many things for me and tried to fulfill all my wishes before leaving Malaysia such as clubbing, bak kut teh, BarBQ plaza, trip and etc. Love you all to bits!!!

And, thank you to all the girls who treated me dinner that night! I would like to thank my ex-colleagues too for treating me to a dinner and am so regret for not taking any pictures with you all T_T Thanks to Lee Ting dear for planning and arranging everything nicely for me to club on Sat night. Thanks to Mei Sin for coming out to meet me yamcha too before I leave.

I felt so touched by you gorgeous people!!!!

Move on again...

Brought Teng and Florence to Aman Suria to try out a very delicious wan tan mee in Full Moon. They loved it! Besides, the fish head noodle in Full Moon is nice too! ;)

Photo taken simply because we both looked sibeh yeng only. Nothing much. Kakakaka....

Teng and Florence brought me to try out fish spa in One U as 'birthday surprise' since I don't get to celebrate my 21st in Malaysia. Instead, I'll be having a lonely birthday in Australia *sob*

They even have a baby shark to greet you at the entrance.
Me: Do I get to have this baby shark to nibble on my dead skin?
Girl: Hahaha... Yes, we are having promotion for it too. You cut your leg a bit before putting it inside. Then the shark will do its job.
Me: Wahahahaha.... Not bad! I would like to try that.

(After 30 seconds....)

Me: I felt like eating shark fin....
Girl: -________-

The price charged is RM38 for 30 minutes! It's a very small fish spa shop in One Utama but the staffs are uber friendly!!! Both the girls actually wanted to bring me to a fish spa outlet in KL but since I was exhausted from all the outings and yamchas, I told them that I'm lazy to go all the way to KL.

Wash your legs before entering :)

I have a confession to make. Although I love snakes, I'm very afraid of fishes.

Believe it or not?
I'm afraid of fishes okay!!!!

This was suppose to be a surprise for me, but I can sense beforehand that it's going to be a fish spa. Don't ask me how I know. My instinct told me so. LOL.

Albeit this was Florence's idea, she was afraid too! Wahahaha.... Both of us refused to put our legs in and I particularly, was screaming away. But the more I scream, the more the staffs laughed at me because they said my screams was very funny.

Are they evil or what??? T___________T

Guess what they did to me in the end? A staff forced my left leg into the water and she hold my leg tightly because she knew I'll pull my leg up again. LOL. SHE'S TORTURING ME!!!!

However, Teng love fish spa to bits!!!

She even soak her legs till her thigh!!! I'll die on the spot if you ask me to do that.

Look at the amount of fishes nibbling on my feet T______T

Throughout the 30 mins, I don't dare to look at my own legs because I knew I would scream again for sure. I have a lot of dead skin okay! For beauty sake, I persevere.

A staff even handed over a magazine for me to read to calm me down. I felt like loser. That's why I told myself not to scream anymore and shall conquer my fear! Like how I vowed to conquer my height phobia.

I think I did pretty well in the end. Right? Right?? Right???

Teng, this uncle copied you.

In the end, I'm amazed by the result!!!! My legs are super smooth and clean! It's so smooth till ants are unable to crawl on our legs. Muahahaha.... Seriously, you people should really give fish spa a try. No regret ;)

We went for high tea after window shopping.

Me looking pale after being tortured for a good 30mins!

LOL. Just kidding my dear. Thank you so much for treating me to fish spa! It was such a memorable experience I swear!!! I love the results and enjoyed myself at the end. Really.

Florence ordered Chocolate Volcano which is so sweet and delicious! I love chocolate~~

Moving on... Moving on...

Finally, a day out with dear Li Lee and we had lunch at Sushi Station, Sungei Wang.

May Yoong aka my future roommate and Yung Hui. The place was so dark that I have to take the picture with flash.

How come all of us looked so pale? +_+

Me with my bestie, Li Lee. Hey dear, must always always take good care of yourself okay? Do update me and I shall see you... next year? LOL. Meng Fai!!!! You better not bully her, you hear me??? Or else, you are SO dead. Kakakaka....

It has been such a long time since we girls hang out together right? Love chatting with you all and etc. Anyway, I shall see you next Tuesday in KLIA ;)

Those who can't come to meet me for yamcha tomorrow, it's perfect fine because I've already meet you people for yamcha beforehand. However, those whom I did not see, you better show me your face!!! I'm exercising my power!!!

Okay, I have no power at all I admit T______T

Ohya, thank you Xiu Yuan for wanting to open a bottle specially for my farewell in Maison but sorry my dear, I'm just too tired to go out for 9 days straight. I'm lousy I know....

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