Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Place Where the Chinese Community Lives

Since I arrived at Brisbane, I have no idea why I'm lazy to blog despite coming online almost every night!

I've been going out every single day to either university or lepak with the guys.

Damn tired and broke everyday I swear.

Another shocking news from me is, I no longer sleep at 6am and wake up at 11am! Now I sleep awfully early every night, which is at 12 something (1-ish if I have afternoon class) and wake up at 9am!!!! I know you all can't believe it. I don't believe myself too.

Slowly, I'm becoming a good girl. Praise me!!!! LOL.

Actually I don't have a choice since there's no nightlife in Brisbane. Everyone sleeps and wakes up early. To be honest, waking up at 9am is deem as late to some people here. You tell me, die or not?

Anyway, last Wednesday my uni has Market Day for all the new students intake and man, it's freaking happening compared to any single event held in HELP! Although my house mate, Yin, said that July's Market Day is pretty small compared to February's one, I still think it's very cool.

For your information, Market Day in UQ don't sell vegetables or fruits. Instead, all the clubs available in UQ set up their respective booth to lure in new members to join their club. After you paid a certain amount of fee, you'll be given some goodies to bring home! So nice isn't it???

I joined...

1) Malaysian Students' Association (UQMSA) - confirm must join duh! If not, people will label me as not being patriotic/traitor.
2) Borneo Students' Association (UQBSA) - I join just to get their discount card to get discounts at certain cafes and restaurants :p
3) WASABI (A Japanese club) - To stand a chance to hit on some handsome Japanese hunks. And also to learn basic Japanese language. (the latter is the truth I swear!!!)

Seriously, I wanted to join Karate/Taekwando/self-defense club badly but unfortunately, the fee is pretty expensive and same goes to the uniform too T_T

I miss my glorious time in Taekwando.

I want to kick some asses!!!!!!

But money comes first :( No photos taken on that day because I forgot my darling camera.

Yesterday, I whipped out 4 dishes for dinner!!! And it's just May Yoong and I eating. Well, the remaining can store in the fridge for dinner next time. Then, I can have a day rest from cooking ^.^

My oh my. The blisters on my left and right leg still haven't cure yet T_____T Guess I really have to cut down on walkings by staying at home more often. Another solution is by finding a guy here who has a car to chauffeur me around wth.

My class don't have any lengchais omg!!!! How to survive 4 months for this semester??? T.T

Don't you think I'm darn good in switching from 1 topic to another? :p

Ohya, I plan to blog all words for this entry without any pictures since today I'm in the mood to talk type a lot. Are you fine with it?

Just kidding. Scroll down....

A very nice church beside the Queensland Transport.

Reason I was there? To do my 18+ card because I'm fed up of carrying my passport with me 24/7. I rather pay $25.15 to do the card so that I don't have to carry my passport around anymore.

It's like buying a 1 year "insurance" for my passport. I'll be in deep shit if I lose my passport okay (choiiii!!!!).

Yung Hui and I waiting for my number to be called.

It was super cold that day and I regretted for not wearing my jacket. We tried to be heroins by waiting outside of the building because it's stuffy and smelly inside.

May Yoong and Yung Hui.

Since I'm in the mood to blog today, I might as well blog about the place that I went this afternoon! Super updated lor this entry!!!

Today, moi went to Chinatown!!!!!! Yea, finally I've been there -_-'''

Skies in Brisbane is always, always so blue-ish! I love it!!!

Also, there are damn many nice cars too, like the one accidentally taken above.

Guys... again.

All the colourful hats~~

Flea market.


It was only 2.50pm and the pub was already packed with people drinking beer. Australians do drink beer that early! Gosh. I didn't even drink a single glass of beer since I arrived here for 2 weeks.

Entrance to Chinatown.

Chinatown here is such a let down. The street is short and the environment is so damn quiet. The place looks more like a dead town street to me and a far cry from the Petaling Street we have back home.

And there aren't that many things sold as well.

But the purpose of us going to Chinatown is to shop for asian groceries at Yuen's.

We bought quite many things from there and it's pretty cheap compared to other places. They sell a lot of things from Malaysia (Malaysia damn Boleh this time. LOL) actually. Besides, thank you so much to Timmy who helped to carry our groceries. Very gentleman okay!!!!!!! (Crediting him :p)

Late lunch at King of Kings.

I had BBQ Roast duck on rice and I must say that their duck is pretty good!!! The rice given was so much until Mayy and I were still full from eating it. We didn't have dinner yo.

No dinner doesn't means that I'm able to lose weight successfully. I'll let you have a peek at my drawer...


How to lose weight you tell me?

It's winter now. Actually, it's really difficult to go on diet during winter because we are hungry all the time!

Fine. What an excuse I'm giving -.-

But wait! When did I say that I want to lose weight???

p/s - *yawn* See lah... It's only 12.05am and I'm already sleepy. This is a sign of being a good girl wth.

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