Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life in OZland

Here's another update on my life in Australia! My next entry will be another update as well but here's a reminder, it's going to be very random because I'm lazy (getting used to the laidback lifestyle here lol) to sort the photos according to dates and events.

Might as well just put all together and talk about it right? Must learn to be efficient in energy saving :p

Random #1

This photo is so deceiving that we both are couple! Of course we aren't. LOL. But still, the photo is sweet isn't it?

Random #2

Krispy Kreme!!!

I haven't try it yet because I was still full at that time but my friends did. Some complimented that it's nice, some said it's too sweet till a bit jelak and some said it's too oily.

But all I know is... it costs 2 bucks for a donut!

If we bring this chain to Malaysia and we sell RM6 for a donut, will people still queue to buy it?

It's very coldddddd....

Random #3


That night we (those who arrive later) took ferry for the first time and although it was very cold and windy that night, all of us sat outside to feel the cold breeze.

I almost died on the spot.

Don't ask me why the ferry is called CityCat. I have no idea man.

Oppsss.... The guys were peeing.

Looks like it isn't it? :p

Random #4

By the way, these Arnott's cookies are freakinggggg nice I swear! It's only $1.99 per pack. It's everyone's favourite ^.^

Another thing that I noticed is, everything sold in Australia is in big pack especially the chips. Can you see how big that packet of chips above is? It's freaking nice too!!! Lovesss~~

Random #5

Yung Hui is excited because we celebrated Sylvia's belated birthday at the guys' place.

Sim: Salad put thousand island 1...
Yian: Eh? I thought salad put mayo?
Jordan: Both also put lah... If not, people put themselves also can.

Everyone of us were busy cooking and preparing for the party including the birthday girl as well. Except for 1 fella...

Still dare to pose for the camera -_-'''

Look at the amount of food served on the table!

We even bought 2 pizzas that night but I didn't take pic of it. Come to think of it, I didn't even eat a single piece of the pizzas that night!!! T_________T Unfair!

Random #6

Special massage session from Phan.

Seriously, my shoulder was aching because of the heavy groceries that I bought for the past 1 week and I forced Phan to massage for me. I'm evil. I never said that I'm an angel. LOL.

Random #7

All the lecture halls in UQ are super big that can fit hundreds of students! Can you see how small the speaker (in red) is from the picha above?

Random #8

A very long bridge linking UQ to West End, which is the other side of the town where Yung Hui lives. It's so freaking long that it took 15 minutes for us to walk from 1 end to the other.

So we stopped to pose.

The reason why we travelled 30 minutes on foot to West End (all of us live in St Lucia except for Yung Hui) is because we wanted to buy cheap vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits are darn cheap in West End. But the price to pay is to walk and carry our heavy groceries back to our place lah.

Random #9

Even the jail in Australia is nicer than our very own Pudu jail in Malaysia -_-'''

Random #10

This is the smallest modem in Malaysia right?

Wait till you see this....

Modem in Australia is as small as a pendrive!!!!

Malaysia Boleh?

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