Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life in OZland (Part II)

Here goes another random entry about my life in Australia. Yes, it's going to be random again before I could write a proper and decent entry like how I did back in Malaysia because I've been seriously busy lately.

No joke.

On a happier note, we went for shopping a couple of days back in DFO, near to the airport :) I bought a few stuff but not as many as the guys did. I swear, the guys are all shopaholics!!! They shop more than us girls!

DFO IS THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP FOR CHEAP AND NICE STUFF!!! I heart DFO! But each time I go there, I'll come back broke for sure.

My purchases are...

2 scarfs. Freaking cheap alright?

A sibeh perasaan necklace.

A jacket from Ripcurl Australia.

Long sleeve top for sports.

Track pant for sports of course.

The reason why I bought sports wear is because I'm going to be active in sports when uni starts (I hope).

Flip-flop from Billabong Australia.

Everything is so cheap there (if you don't bloody convert) and if possible, I would like to buy every single thing from DFO! But cannot, must control my spending a bit also. The reason why I'm not stating the price is because I'm very worried that my parents (or brothers) will be reading this.

If yes, I'm so dead.

We go to the casino VERY often because...
1) the guys want to gamble
2) everyone wants free drinks from there

So here we are again...

Me with my buddy, Chong Andy in front of the casino.

This Sim damn sakai wei. He attempted to climb the steel ball in public -_-'''

Thank goodness there's no police. Or else, he goes to the police station and we go home to sleep. Don't care about him already. LOL.

That night, May Yoong and I were the only girl and the guys took this opportunity by asking me to take picture for them again and again.

Don't believe? Let me prove to you!


I have no idea why he wants me to take pic of him running like that -_-

At least he's not running alone.



Jordan looked damn sexy okay. Timmy really lebih-lebih wei...

Them again and again.

Someone (not me) suggested that they should all stand straight like taking class photo wtf.

I joined in for fun.

I particularly like the way Jordan stands. That's super kuai chai to the max!!! Wahahahahahaha.... Phan and Sim, what's with that penalty kick pose?

A candid shot from Phan. If you notice properly, Chong and I were not looking at the camera except for someone who is ready for the camera 24/7...

It was only 9-ish and look at the street in the city! Damn quiet isn't it? There's no nightlife here :(

The following day I joined the guys for brunch after our consultation. I'm so used to being the only girl in the gang I don't know why -.-

All act cool.

I think Phan looked like Morpheus in the photo! LOL.

Our brunch was the super duper yummy fish and chips platter!!!

A bowl of salad is included as well. It costs about $10.70 per person for the meal.

Andy: Eh I want to take picture! I want to take picture!! Because I'm the one who brought you all here to eat!
Me: -_- Okay okay...

He's the one who brought us to Hawken Drive to eat delicious fish and chips.

Must give him credit lah...

Then we walked back to uni because I have to attend a talk and the guys have a basketball game.

Before that, they asked me to take picture of them sitting on the grass because that's what the Caucasians do =.='''

Chong's first ever photo taken at the great court. What man.

Chong is good in shooting while Timmy is god damn fast!!!

Also, Sim and Tim were the tallest guys present that day.

The following day, we headed to the city again to eat Korean food!!! YUM!

Sim copied my style of wearing big sunnies.

That's my new jacket yo!

Sylvia and moi.

That's the stair leading to the hidden Korean restaurant.

It's not easy to locate this restaurant because the entrance is small and we just walked pass it without noticing.

Timmy is a poser.

May Yoong and Jordan.

Andy and Timmy the poser.

I don't know what's the name for this but it's non spicy beef soup lah. Specially for Sylvia because she cannot take anything too spicy.

I don't know what this is called as well. The look of it seems a little spicy. Actually, not at all.

Free refillable side dishes.

That seaweed on the left damn best okay??? That's my favourite side dishes of all because I don't like kimchi. LOL.

Big bowl of rice (1 buck for a bowl of rice) with stainless steel chopstick and spoon. I love the chopstick and spoon!!!

After lunch, we shopped around the city and joined Sim's dad for dinner since it was already his last night in Brisbane.

We were expecting to pay for our own meal but little did we know that uncle belanja us to a buffet dinner in the casino!!!! That's $22.50/person okay!!! Uncle is sooooo nice and generous!

Sim and his dad. Must show uncle's face a bit because he was so kind and generous.


That was the second time uncle treated me (I don't know about others) to a buffet dinner. The first time was in Genting.

Happy happy faces...

...because get to eat good food before uni starts.

There were soooooo many different types of cakes available but we didn't manage to try out all of it. We just shared 5 cakes and couldn't even finish it.

Guys gambling.

The reason why the photos were taken so near is because we can't take picture in the casino. I'm breaking the rule -_-

Every Friday night there'll be performances in front of the casino and you can see many people dancing around, enjoying themselves.

Talk about food, there's this place where the guys love which is Hanaichi.

The curry chicken (top left) is the bomb.

At $6.70, the rice given was sooooo much until I felt like puking after finishing it.

The guys again.

And again.

Cannot take it anymore, I requested for a photo taken too!

Somehow, it seems like I was photoshopped inside the picture -_-'''

I'm damn good in promoting my university right?

May Yoong wanna take picture with the signboard too!

This joker wore my jacket!!!!! T___________T

He tried to be a hero by leaving the house with jersey and shorts on only, not knowing that it was pretty cold that day. Since I was already in long sleeve, he wore my jacket to keep himself warm.

I kept telling him not to sweat or else he's dead.

The guys enjoying themselves by playing frisbee.

I played a bit as well. It's not easy to throw accurately though.

Class is starting tomorrow!!! Omg! I'm excited~~

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