Monday, July 14, 2008

Life in Australia by far

Life has been getting better by far and I'm adapting to this new environment, so to all my friends who are reading this, you don't have to worry about me. I'm fine.

I will survive!!! LOL.

I have been going out everyday to explore Brisbane a bit and to do some groceries shopping. So I can pretty much conclude that I'm now broke. I spent freaking much in less than a week's time!!! And it's in AUD$!!! T_T

I'm going to post up a lot of photos that's going to summarize my few days in Australia.

Let's begin from the day I left my country.

Photos taken with:
Teng (good job for not crying that day ;)) - Li Lee dear
My dearest grandma whom I love to bits - mum & bro (dad went to buy drinks for us)
Kakak aka my maid - Irene dear who came to send Zi Xian off, not me T_T

Thank you so much to those who came to send me off!!! I'm terribly sorry for not spending time to chat with all of you because I was busy at that time -_- I felt bad too.

My bad.

By the way, the one seated beside my grandma is NOT my dad okay! He's my uncle.

3 of my cousins came and they all wore red shirt to 'ong' me apparently. LOL.

That arrogant face fella in brown is my younger brother -_-''' He hates taking pic and therefore, none of his photos look decent. Smile la brother! S-M-I-L-E!!!

My brother is 1 smart ass okay. Don't play play!!! But not as smart as his sister wtf.

Us looking happy in the train heading to our terminal.

We arrived in Sydney the next morning and look at the sky! So blue-ish isn't it???

Look at our pale looking face. Reason? It's freaking cold and windy in Sydney omg!!! We were actually shivering while forcing ourselves to smile for the camera.

Sad man.

Look at the amount of crowd.

And we even saw a BIG group of exchange students from Japan. These kids are so damn lucky don't they???? My parents don't even allow me to be an exchange student back in Form 4 and 5 T________T

Luck wasn't on our side on that day because our flight (from KL-Sydney) was delayed and caused all of us (there were 14 of us from HELP) to miss our flight from Sydney to Brisbane. Worst of all, all the flights were fully booked and we were left stranded in the airport from 7.30am till 8 something pm!!!!!

That's more than 12 hours! What the hell.

Hungry Yian got to eat Hungry Jack's

Everything in Australia is beef. Chicken and pork are surprisingly expensive here. Although I can't eat beef, I'm forced to eat since I have no choice. And man, their beef is really tasty~~


Thank goodness my grandma are not reading this. Or else, she won't be very pleased I'm sure.

That's lavender.

Wonder why I was so free to take pic? That's because....

...May Yoong and I have to wait for more than half an hour for these guys!!!!

Seriously, the guys are always late and we have to wait in the cold for them to arrive. Damn gentlemen wei... =.='''

This is the back entrance of our University of Queensland.

And they have really big fields around where you can sit on the grass to study or chat. Exactly like what you see on tv!!!

Unfortunately, this is just a VERY VERY VERYYYYY small part of our university because I don't have time to explore our university since it's so freaking big and we have many other things to do.

But I promise to upload more photos of my uni after my orientation where they'll bring us around the campus! I just saw the map. It's crazily big omg.

After enrolling ourselves, applied for our ID, opened our bank account and etc, we headed out to the Brisbane city for a walk.

Unlike Malaysia, all the buildings here are really tall, just like the Australians.

To compare, when I saw performances on the street and many people were seen crowding that area in Malaysia, I can still be able to peep from behind, at least. In Australia, I don't stand a chance at all because the people here are all damn tall!!!

All I can see is people's back -.-

This is the casino!!!

So grand isn't it?

Though I'm still below 21, I have already went in to the casino because in Australia, legal age to enter is only 18 years old.

Best part of all? You get to apply the card for free and everyday you're entitled to 2 cups of free drinks!!!! Best or not you tell me??? You may have guessed it right. I don't gamble so, I went in to get my well deserved free drinks. LOL.

Japanese curry as lunch.

It's super tasty I swear. But it wasn't as spicy as expected though. What a disappointment :(

The price? AUD$8.80. Times 3 for Malaysia currency if you wish.

Therefore, whatever we buy or eat here, we forced ourselves not to convert!!!!! Or else, we got to survive on bread only T____T

The groceries that we bought for cooking party.

On one of the night, the guys invited us girls over for dinner and the stuff above are what we bought. I can see my money flying away from our everyday outings and good food - either we eat out or we cook ourselves.

But trust me, cooking at home is SO MUCH cheaper than eat out. Unlike in Malaysia, cooking at home or eat out doesn't differ much in prices.

We were helping out with cooking and Jordan was our cooking papa that night.

The rest of the jokers?????


Seems like The Black versus The White.

Because there were so many of us, we all have to stand to eat. LOL. What an experience!!!

Messy table. Can you guess what we had that night?

Very delicious beef burger!!!!

Please don't tell my grandma.

Let me show you how delicious it was by looking at the photos below.

Jordan enjoying the beef patty that he fried.

Phan enjoyed it very much too.

Sim even licked it.

Chong and Timmy were fighting to eat it.

And finally....


Look at Timmy and Jordan's facial expression!!! All of us can't stop laughing the moment we saw this photo. That's so freaking hilarious.

Okay. Finally a normal one.

I tried very hard to squeeze in and yea, I know I don't look good. Whatever. I'm not a model so I don't take good pic all the time.

Phan drank the mushroom soup ala China style.

He thinks drinking it by using a spoon is a waste of time -.-'''

This is the casino at night.

And me in front of the casino!

Please don't let my parents see this. Later they thought I gambled away their money which I didn't. I went in for a cup of hot chocolate only :p

Oh yea, that's the new coat that I bought here. Don't ask me for the price -.- But it really keeps me warm and I love it!!!

Seriously, when I was posing, I didn't know that the guys were posing behind as well!!! When I saw this photo, I can't stop laughing because I can't believe I didn't sense them standing behind me.

They are soooooo cheeky!

Take 2. Much better!

Alright. I think I should end here because it's already 2am now in Australia (2 hours in advance) and I have to get up really early tomorrow morning for tutorial signing and orientation T_____T

More photos after I got them from Sylvia.

So Ainul dear, I've blogged! Happy to see your dear's photos right? ;)

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