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Harbour Town, Gold Coast

People, are you serious that my previous entry is funny? I don't know man. I have a couple of friends telling me that the Aus vs Msia entry is funny. I didn't realise that because I did it pretty quickly and I just typed out what's in my mind at that time.

LOL. You all just made my day!!! Come come... Let me give you a kiss~~ Photobucket

Let's continue about my life in the country down south. The guys had their futsal game last Tuesday and they asked me to come and watch their game. At first I thought they needed my support and I'm happy to lend my support to their first futsal game in Australia anytime.

But the fact is, they actually wanted me to take picture of them playing futsal instead!!!!!!!

See lah how they layan me T_____T

Anyhow, to the female readers, allow me to brief you about the game alright?

First of all...

stand in your position and give cock stare at your opponent to threaten them for a bit.

Then, pull up your pant so that it won't fall halfway through your game.

And finally, try to jump like superstar superman because it looks good in camera.

-The End-

Fuuuhhh~~ I seriously like the way I describe above! Photobucket

That night itself, we took a ferry over to South Bank to have dinner with Miss A who came all the way from Malaysia and Mike, from Sydney!

We had our dinner at Ginga :)

Oh-my-God! They looked so much like a real couple!

Jordan with his bestie, Mike aka Mun Wai.

Meng Fai, the 2 have reunited. Where are you?!?!?!

Our dinner.

Initially I wanted to take pic of Timmy's noodle but since he was so damn hungry at that time, I don't dare to request anything from him. Scared okay. Scared.

The food is quite good. But I would prefer Hanaichi more :)

Ohya, credit goes to Chong for bringing us there!!!!!

After dinner, we went for a walk and settled for...

Australia's famous ice cream - Cold Rock.

They have a variety of ice creams for you to choose from.

And a variety of toppings too!

So colourful eh?

So, the steps are easy. First, choose the size that you want, choose your preferred ice creams flavour and finally, pick the topping (additional $0.80) of your choice.

The staff will then mix your ice cream and topping together.

My personal advice is, while waiting for the staff to do your ice cream...

camwhore a bit lah.

I loveeeee rum and raisins!!! And I picked caramel as my topping and it blends sooooo well with my ice cream. Now I'm missing the ice cream already T.T

By the way, the size that I pick is the smallest called Kiddies and it costs $4.00!!! Add additional $0.80 for the caramel which equals to $4.80. No regret! Super nice~~

You can see how much I love Cold Rock ice cream ^.^

Phan, I didn't know you are so dark -.-

Phan's expression is so freaking funny!!! Wahahahahahaha....

Credit goes to Andy Chong Jin Yip again!!!

Sunnybank is such a beautiful and romantic place! Perfect for dating ;)

Romantic... Romantic... Romantic...

Such a nice and romantic spot.

Suddenly 2 drug addicts appeared out of nowhere :p

This is actually a man made beach.

With beautiful skyscrapers behind.

Though it's a beach, we saw a fish there!

A fish.

I know it's lame. Sorry. LOL.

Next, we went to catch a movie! Dark Knight!!! Finally I've watched it!!!

Phan is a failed photographer. I asked him to take pic of us in front of the cinema but the word South Bank can't be seen -___________-''''

To be honest, cinemas in Malaysia are still bigger and better.

*Click for larger image*

Thank goodness we managed to catch the last ferry at 12.20am. Or else, we'll have to take cab home already -_- Pity Mayy and I have to walk all the way home so late at night! LOL. Thank goodness that night wasn't that cold :p

The following day which is Wednesday, a few of us don't have classes and therefore, we decided to bring our VIPs to....

Harbour Town in Gold Coast!!!!

Did you realise something?

It was such a coincident that all of us were in white that day!!!

Purely coincidence seriously. Seems like white our dress code isn't it? ;)

Mike, where is your sunglasses????

Beautiful skies in Gold Coast!

We took an hour train from our place to Gold Coast! The journey was so boring :( Kept having to wait for buses and trains. Sigh. It's really time consuming.

Sim is having a bad hair day. Kakaka...

Me with Mike.

I think Mike is not cool enough so I zhng him a bit....

Wahahahahaha... Sibeh yeng isn't he????

To summarise, Harbour Town is a great shopping place with Sale on 24/7.

The place is really big with many shops available.

But if were to compare, I would prefer DFO more than Harbour Town because the price is more or less the same. The best thing is HT has more shops like Nike and Adidas while DFO don't have.

Nike!!! I can't resist not to buy anything from there -.- Yes, my previous Nike jobs have successfully brainwashed me.

All K.Oed on the way home. I was the only 1 awake to ensure that we don't miss the station.

I'm kind I know. LOL.

Being a shopaholic, I didn't buy much from Harbour Town because I tried very hard to save money for my upcoming trip to Gold Coast this weekend. Yesssss... Gold Coast again!!!!! I'll be going on both Saturday and Sunday some more!!!!

Can't wait!!! ^.^

Actually, I try not to spend money unnecessarily too because it's all my parents' money -_-''' Unlike in Malaysia, whenever I wanna shop like crazy, I'll work and spend my own money.

But I don't have job here! Boo! Must learn to save and be a good girl (hinting at the poll :p).

I just bought 2 stuff from Harbour Town only. Just 2!!!!!!

1 from Nike and the other from Fossil. Both also expensive brand I know -_________-'''

A top from Nike.

I almost wanted to buy a Nike shoe and more tops from there lor! But miraculously, I managed to refrain myself! That's a good sign!!! I shall not shop that much anymore in Australia!

You gals all don't tempt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A watch from Fossil :)

I'm super happy with my purchases because I was reassured by the guys that my top and watch are nice! Damn happy!!!

If you ask me, I would prefer to shop in DFO because it's sooooo much nearer and has the stuff that I like, though they don't have Nike/Adidas/Fossil there. Harbour Town is just too far +_+

To end this entry... I shall present to you a famous quote lately...

Why so serious?

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