Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Facts That You Might Want to Know

I'm having a long-distance relationship with someone!!!! LOL. And I hate long distance relationship okay!!! Oh nooooo~~~~ I hate it!

It's freaking cold now!!! 9 degree celcius omg!!!!!!!!

Right. Enough of crapping. Truth is I felt a little offended now and I'm trying to say something to divert my beh song-ness.

My mood is good already! :D Fast isn't it?

Since I've been here for 3 weeks, I noticed a few little things about Australia which is different from Malaysia. Let me list out a few for you all to know.

Australia vs Malaysia:

Fact #1
Australia: Everyone brings their own grocery bag with them whenever they shop or visits to the market. Australians really go green and are extremely concern about the environment.
Malaysia: When Malaysians shop, literally, nobody carries grocery bag with them. Rather, Malaysians prefer to take home as many plastic bags as possible from supermarket so that they can use it as garbage bags.

Here's my grocery bag in Aus! Expected colour I know -_-

Fact #2

Australia: All the shopping bags or all sorts of plastic bags are biodegradable. Though it's degradable, the plastic bags here are freaking thin and get torn easily. Serious shit. Once I bought some groceries back (I went out to the city so didn't bring my grocery bag along) and walking halfway home, my bag koyak and my peanut butter rolled out -_________- Thank goodness it didn't roll out to the main road or else...... will be very memalufying.
Malaysia: Only some plastic bags are biodegradable. Enough said.

Fact #3
Australia: Most of the people here really speed like F1 drivers. Maybe because the roads here are straight and wider, that's why. However, all the drivers are really courteous too. They'll always stop for pedestrians to cross.
Malaysia: F1 drivers - check. Rempits - check. Malaysian drivers will honk like mad at pedestrians who are trying to cross in front them because they are so impatient.

Fact #4
Australia: By far, as I've seen, all the toilets here use toilet bowl and not a single 'squat type' at sight. Amazingly, the seats here are always clean.
Malaysia: -___________- The worst toilet I came across is none other than the Mersing jetty. Disgusting. Damn.

Fact #5

Australia: People here are sooooooo courteous, well-mannered and friendly!!! Omg! At times they are so nice until I don't know how to respond to them!
Malaysia: There are only some Malaysians who are really nice and friendly. Especially those people at rural areas who are really niceeeeeee.

Fact #6

Australia: You can see all sort of fashion here. People here are very expressive in their dressing and yet, they don't get stares from people around.
Malaysia: The expressive ones we usually call them as lala -_-

Fact #7
Australia: Although most of the people here stay at home after 5pm to relax, TV in every houses here are really small!!! And mostly ancient old TVs.
Malaysia: The only thing Malaysians should be proud of is that most of the people buy plasma TV at home. Latest, biggest and slimmest TV! MFai, if you work for Hitachi here, confirm no commission already.

Fact #8

Australia: Australians really read A LOT!!!! You can see most of them have a book with them all the time. Therefore, it's very quiet in the buses and trains because people don't talk much and they just read or listen to music.
Malaysia: Most Malaysians don't have have a habit of reading. Malaysians prefer to talk more. LOL. No wonder whenever I take public transportations, it feels like I'm in pasar malam.

Fact #9
Australia: As expected, most of the clothes here are really big in sizes! I feel super happy because I wear 1 or 2 size smaller ^.^ I feel so small here!!!
Malaysia: I feel so big and fat in Malaysia -.-'''

Fact #10
Australia: Tap water here is clean. Yes, very very clean. Clean to the extend that everyone here drinks directly from the tap instead of boiling the water for consumption. If you are bathing halfway and feel thirsty, feel free to drink directly from the shower like what my friend did.
Malaysia: Drink water from the tap and you'll ended up in the hospital.

Fact #11
Australia: All the houses, apartments, condos, etc have oven and microwave for sure. Besides that, nobody uses gas stove here. It's all electric stove. That's why the kitchen always look clean and tidy :)
Malaysia: Not everyone owns a microwave and oven. What's more an electric stove!!!

Fact #12
Australia: There are quite a number of female bus drivers here!!! I'm not kidding! And the bus drivers wear sunglasses when they drive. That's god damn cool okay.
Malaysia: I've never seen any female bus drivers in Malaysia before. And I don't think they are allowed to wear sunglasses when they drive as well.

Fact #13
Australia: People here turn off all the lights when they go to sleep, leaving their house pitch dark in order to save electricity -_-
Malaysia: Turning off all the lights means that you are inviting burglars to your house. Come to think of it, even if you leave some lights on, burglars still break in wth.

Fact #14
Australia: Beef is the cheapest meat here. Pork and chicken are freaking expensive!!!
Malaysia: Chicken and pork are cheap. Beef is expensive. In the market, you might even get some parts for free! In Aus, you have to pay for every single part of the chicken/pig.

Fact #15
Australia: You can see all sorts of birds species walking/wandering around the place and the best thing is, they are not afraid of human at all!!!! When you walk towards them, they'll just walk away slowly. They don't fly away mind you. They walk away slowly! That's why shits are everywhere -_-'''
Malaysia: Birds and animals in Malaysia are a bunch of cowards. Before you could reach them, they'll fly away immediately as if you are going to slaughter them. Still, shits are everywhere too.

Fact #16
Australia: Not too proud to say this but.... I curse a lot here I don't know why =.= Please don't let my parents read this.
Malaysia: I rarely curse unless I'm really pissed or angry.

Guess I shall end here because I wanted to bath now. LOL. Tired from classes today! When I find more fun facts about Aus, I'll share again!

p/s: Before I forget!!!

Happy 21st Birthday to my dearest Yee Mei!!!!!!

I remember 1 okay ;) I even sent her a sms to wish her today!

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