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Farewell Night + Notes of Appreciation

(In a couple of hours time I'll be flying off but here I am, blogging a quick entry to update my blog and my friends. Don't worry, I'll take good care of myself in Australia :) I'll miss everyone back in Malaysia!)

Here is it.

My farewell night with high school friends.

And I'm all set to start my brand new day~

Teng and I went to One Utama to watch Hancock because she knew that I was dying to watch it before I leave Malaysia.

She came late due to the traffic jam at LDP and she has to resort to making up in One Utama's toilet. Well, basically she just slapped on the foundation while I did her eyes simply because her skills are limited -_-

I shall take that as my last time helping you to make up okay? You can't rely on me all the time, am I right?

We had extremely early dinner at 5.50pm in Home Centre. This is the same asam laksa in Mid-Valley's Jusco - minus the crowd.

At least I get to eat asam laksa before I leave :p Though it may seems spicy, but it's actually not. It's aromatic~ Yummmmm.....

Teng with her bowl of asam laksa (RM5.90) and Ice Lemon Tea (RM3).

After that, we adjourned to TGV to catch our Hancock at 6.30pm. Initially we wanted to book online the night before in GSC but according to Teng, every single bookings were FULL!!! Can you imagine how famous my darling Will Smith popular this movie is?

The movie is really nice! Go and watch!!! What are you waiting for??? Must support Will Smith!

Picked up Florence and immediately went to Old Town White Coffee in Aman Suria. As a host, we should arrive early and in fact, we were 5 minutes early!

Since nobody was there, we posed a little.

I can't wait to re-dye my hair!!!!

Frankly speaking, I really thought nobody is going to come because after Teng and I sent out the smses, nobody actually confirm their attendance with me! And those who replied were those who can't make it but still wishes me all the best.

So yea, I thought it'll just be Teng, Florence and I because 40 mins has passed and there's still no sight of familiar faces at presence.

To PJ-rians who frequent to Aman Suria, my advice to you is.... DON'T COME TO THIS OLD TOWN if you expect good services.

The waiters and waitresses are rude and they actually showed us faces because we stayed there for quite some time and most of us ordered drinks only. I mean, we do pay right? And we paid for your blardy service charge wei!!!

This is what we get in return eh?

Lee Ting and Jonathan.

Among the guests, Jonathan was the earliest to arrive though he was 40mins late. Still, good job my friend!

Cheok Tho, Pui Yi and Lee Ting.

Cheok Tho said that she won't be coming but in the end, she came. It's suppose to be a surprise! Darling, if you ever go clubbing and not attending my farewell, for sure I'll go all the way to KL to drag you out from the club. LOL.

I'm not kidding.

Okay, I am kidding so chill.

Me - tired from whole day's outing, Florence - tired from working, Wendy - fresh out from her house.

Poh Yee, Jia Mun, you-know-who.

Jia Mun, Khoon Wah (biggest guy in our class!), you-know-who.

I'm standing and Khoon Wah is sitting. Yet, he still reaches to my neck!!! Can you figure out how tall he is??? I'm not considered as very short also lor.

The green gang.
Cheok Tho, Pui Yi, Siew Ling, Siok Yee.

If my memory doesn't fails me, I don't remember setting the theme -______-

Due to the extremely terrible services that we got in Old Town, we left that place immediately when the rest finished their drinks.

We had our second round at Kayu, Aman Suria's branch.

Flanked by the guys, Steve, Ming Shing and Frankie Chin Howe.

And of course, not to forget Jonathan and Khoon Wah ;)

Siok Yee - is forever supportive of my plans and outings. Thanks darling!
Siew Ling - someone who will try her very best to make it for every outings and yes, I enjoy her company because of her unexpected jokes that are able to make me laugh all the time.
Teng - no need to comment about her already.

My hair is getting straighter and straighter T___________T

Now you may say that I'm fair. 1 year later, I don't guarantee that.

Jia Mun and Poh Yee.

These 2 jokers seldom hang out with us due to their busy schedule. So, I'm really glad that they came to meet me before I leave. Thank you babes!!!

It takes less than 5 minutes to reach Kayu from Old Town but Cheok and Pui Yi were the last to arrive simply because.....

they were on their way to the Kayu in Chow Yang.

I think Pui Yi didn't know that there is a Kayu in Aman Suria. She misunderstood and headed to Chow Yang. Thank goodness someone informed her and she made a U-turn back. She's forever so cute!!!

Me with the 2 biggest guys in our class.

As you can see from the pic above, I looked very tired and I can't even smile properly! Besides, my make-up already smudged like nobody's business and my face was oily :(

I sat with Jonathan back in Form 4 and this fella never fails to bully me in class lor. He's a BIG bully okay. Pity me....

We took a lot of photos that night but I ain't going to post it up because I'm running out of time. Do you know that it takes a long time to upload photos from blogger? But it's neater to upload via blogger because I don't have to resize all the photos :p

Photo taken without flash. Next time die die also must turn on flash so that photos taken will be clear. If it's way too bright, I'll edit it with PS. Or else, it looks blurry, like this 1 above -_-

Notes of appreciation:
Thank you so much to everyone who were present on Saturday that made my day more memorable than ever! I knew you people are very busy but still take some time out to see my face after years of seeing the same freaking face. I truly appreciate you people's sincerity.

Those who were unable to make it, it's really okay because you have valid reason(s) for not being able to make it. Still, I thank you for your well wishes and for informing me at the very least. I shall see you people next year if I'm coming back ;)

Thanks darlings for getting me a farewell present.

This is given by Wendy, Siok Yee and Siew Ling right? Thanks a bunch! By the way, it's real diamonds right? Right?? Right??? LOL.

Thank you to Teng and Florence for each of your present as well. I can't remember who else bought me things and if I missed out your names, do let me know! Cousin brother and your wife, thank you so so so much for your expensive farewell+bday gift as well. I love it!

To the rest of the girls, thank you for the wonderful and memorable trip :)

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