Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another plan coming up...

...and that's why last week the girls and I agreed to meet up in ss2 for discussion and only a few were invited because if there were too many people, it's hard for us to discuss further and to make decisions. Teng came is because I accidentally spilled the words to her :p I hope you are not bored.

And before arriving, I had a BIG argument with someone. Really really big argument I tell you which make me wonder at times, why do we have to argue over the same damn thing over and over again???

I'm really sick and bored of arguing over the same matter seriously. So childish! If you know that that's always the source of our argument, why can't you just take a step back and leave me alone huh? That's not very difficult I believe.

(LOL. I felt so good now after ranting!)

Okay, proceed with my yamcha cum discussion with friends.

We settled ourselves at Yippie Cup because we were looking for a place which is cheap and has wifi since I was asked to bring my laptop along.

I ordered their recommended Cappuccino Ice Blended with whipped cream from their menu. It may look nice but actually it's pretty much tasteless in my opinion. Best part of all? It costs me RM8.90!!! Plus tax RM1.40 which equals to RM10.30!!!!!!

I should have suggested Coffee Bean instead. Florence, sorry for not listening to your advice T_____T

Our mystery guest. Guess who he is!!! He was there for awhile only and left before the rest of the girls arrive.

My long hair!!!! I miss you T____T

Discussion lasted for 3 hours only and we took a group picture before we leave. Photo did not include Cheok Tho because she left early for second round with her college friends. Since we ended pretty early at around 11 something, I wanted to have second round. So Teng helped me to give Yee Mei a lift while I sent Florence home.

Teng and Yoke Man accompanied me for a drink in William's since it's freaking near to my house and despite being a PJ-rian, YMan has never yamcha in William's before -_-''''

Many hilarious things happened and we have a good laugh at Teng!!! Left the place around 2am and Teng crashed over at my place for the night and we both chatted till 6 in the morning!

We are superwoman!!!


The following day, we girls were suppose to meet at Kelana lrt station at 1030 before heading down to KL for shopping and to cut our hair.

My younger brother tagged along because he has tournament at Sungei Wang's T-Hop and because of this fella, I have been going to Sg Wang for 3 consecutive weeks you know!!! Soon, I gonna develop Sg Wang phobia I tell you.

Upon arrival, we immediately headed for brunch since most of us didn't have breakfast in the morning. Florence introduced a coffeeshop in Jalan Alor (eh girls, it's Jln Alor right? Pls tell me if I'm wrong) and guess what I saw???

*click for larger image*

So cute right????

Assorted types of balloons were seen hanging above a coffeeshop. You can only see this in Malaysia Jalan Alor.

The shopping kakis (from left to right) include Teng, Florence, Wai Mun and Yoke Man.

Yoke Man, stop growing already!!!!!! Too tall!!!

The excited us.

Finally reached to our destination. It's not that I don't want to tell you the name of the coffeeshop but the truth is, I don't know!!!

That's why I can never be a food blogger lah... T_T

Wait, I don't think that coffeeshop has a name in the first place.

Florence helped WMun to get a DKNY Be Delicious fragrance from airport because she went to Shanghai last week. And that's Florence with a plastic of souvenirs for us!! ^.^

The coffeeshop is called famous fish head noodle?

My hair is so thick!!! I didn't put hair extension okay! My hair is really thick and I always have hair dressers telling me that my hair is thick whenever they cut my hair. And they charge me more of course T___T

Yoke Man, you are not fat ok!!! You are not! Hypnotize yourself... you're not fat... you're not fat...

The very girlish Teng in pink.

It's rare to see her in pink.

The coffeeshop is packed with people though it's just only 12pm. And sorry, I forgot to mention what this coffeeshop is famous for that managed to attract a large number of crowds everyday :p

First and foremost, their famous drink is....

Jalan Alor's Cendol


This Florence is a failed "tour guide". She didn't tell us about their famous cendol and ordered it for herself only. Pity the rest of us who ordered teh cina ais (chinese tea ais).

But I took a sip from Florence and man, it's so tasty dammit!!!

As for food, the shop is famous for 2 things.

Jalan Alor's Fish Head Noodle

One is the fish head noodle (RM5.50).

The girls ordered this and they complimented that it's really flavorful. I took a sip (yea, I go around 'taxing' food from people) and it's indeed tasty! Can fight with the famous fish head noodle in Taman Desa ;)

Another thing that they are famous of is....

Jalan Alor's Tom Yam

Tom Yam Seafood (RM6.50).

But since I wore earrings that day and knowing that I'm allergic to seafood, I opted for tom yam fish head noodle (RM6.50) instead. The rest of the girls don't dare to order this because Florence warned us beforehand that it's very very spicy and there's once she gave it a try, her lips immediately became swollen -_-

I went on and ordered it. Since I love spicy food, I find it not as spicy as expected. Tom yam from Yu Ai is far more spicy than this but still, it tasted pretty good ;)

Teng and YMan took a sip of my soup and they complained that it's too spicy! Kawan... it's not spicy that lor please.

All in all, it's good! But my vote still goes to Yu Ai ^.^

After lunch, we went to get our eyebrows trimmed at RM3.98 in Sg Wang! Freaking cheap right? What a bargain! Next, we went to get out haircut at Kimarie and though I just paid for a senior stylist, the girls believed that I got a pro stylist because the girl who cuts my hair is really professional - far different from their senior stylists.

Yes, she's good. But I hated the way she styled my hair that day!!! First of all, she uses hair mousse instead of wax and she styled my hair as if Kimarie got bombed by terrorists.

I got a very full and curly hair that day which is very much to my displeasure.
(I still like the way I style my own hair :p)

To summarize, I didn't spend more than RM60 which is a very big achievement for me already. Come on, Teng spent RM170 and I believe YMan spent more than RM100 okay. I'm too broke to shop T____T

Among the stuff that I bought that day, my happiest and most satisfied purchase is this!

Tsuya Tsuya

Tsuya Tsuya Buffer!!! Though it costs RM12.90 but it really makes my nails shiny!!! I love it to bits. I was first introduced to this buffer years ago in MV when Tsuya Tsuya have their roadshow there but I didn't buy it because I bought their white fiber @ RM79.90, paid by my dad +_+

Then, I was introduced about this buffer again in Genting (yes, they have a mini shop in Genting) but I didn't buy because I don't want to waste my money at that time. This time, I saw Tsuya Tsuya's shop in Sg Wang and I immediately went ahead and bought it. And I tempted YMan to buy too.

Each of us got some vouchers and we were entitled to a free mystery gift which is either a mirror, toe ring or oil blotter. All of us picked oil blotter!

Our day didn't end like that. Teng requested to stay for another night from her mum and we went out yamcha that night with Chin Howe. LOL. That night we both slept damn early! We went to bed at 11.30pm!!! Can you believe it??? I guess we both are just too old to stay up for the night now....

Conversation of the day...

The girl who washes my hair: Actually... I wanted to ask you something....
Me: Huh??? What is it? (Shit... Is she going to say my hair is dry? My skirt too short? My make up sux? I'm too fat?)
TGWWMH: Actually where did you get your top from? It's very nice. I like it!

The best pic I have of my top.

OMG this top is so damn cheap alright? And I'm not getting it during Sale or anything. Not to mention that it's cotton and very comfortable to wear.

We must be a smart consumer right?

Shhhhh.... :p

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