Friday, June 27, 2008

Tioman Island - Mukut Village

I just came back from holidays not too long ago and I'm already missing the place dearly!!!

This trip was planned extremely last minute with friends which is 2 weeks before the actual departure date. We are all last minute people I tell you.

Our initial plan was actually going to Bangkok for shopping but according to Florence, air ticket to Bangkok now costs about Rm500+, which is way over our budget because it excludes hotel stay and food. Therefore, we switched to our second best option...

Tioman Island.

During the discussion, we googled many informations about the island and photos as well and we were all amazed how beautiful this place is. The photo above is taken from google image. Just to let you have an idea how the place looks like.

You can actually ignore this photo. I'm putting this up because I think I looked slim in it wtf.

The trip consists of 6 young and energetic girls. We were excited to be able to take night bus and travelling to somewhere far away together. However, we have a really bad start for this trip. Our bus is scheduled to arrive at 11.30pm but the bus broke down and caused all of us stranded in Puduraya till 12.20am.

You know how unsafe Puduraya is for the 6 girls right?

And we still have to force ourselves to smile for the camera though all of us already felt damn potong -_-'''

Arriving at Mersing jetty around 5.15am reminds me a lot about my first experience with college friends in Kuala Perlis 2 years back.

For anyone of you who will be travelling to Tioman Island by bus just like us, my piece of advice to you (ladies) is, never use the toilet in Mersing jetty unless you really have to!!! It's the worst and dirtiest toilet I've ever been to.

Poop are everywhere in the cubicle if you get what I mean.

We departed the earliest speed boat to Tioman at 6am.

As you can see from above, we have to hop from 1 boat to another in order to reach our speed boat at the end. The place is freaking dark without any lights so we have to be very very careful. Even in the boat, the boatmen turned off the lights and told us not to on any lights during the journey to Tioman.

I felt like we were a bunch of illegal immigrants 'ya know

I was so curious, I asked why the lights must be turned off. Well, it's because the surrounding is dark and therefore, if we turn on the lights in the boat, navigator might not be able to see direction light from afar.

That's the benefit of being curious. I learned something in the end ;)

I didn't sleep in the boat because I don't get seasick easily. I spent the entire 1 hour and 15 minutes ride looking at the sky and the sea.

Did I mention that I love sea and beaches a lot? But I can't swim though.

I managed to catch sunrise too. But was blocked by that damn cloud. Kanasai.

Before anything else, I have to give you a little insight about the island (those who have been to Tioman before, just pretend that you know nothing about it and continue to read can? LOL). Tioman is a very big island and it is divided into many villages. Unlike Redang that has all the resorts/hotels placed together at the same spot, villages in Tioman are spread around the entire island.

The popular tourist destinations are of course the villages on the west coast. But since we booked really last minute, popular hotels and resorts are all fully booked.

Therefore, we have to stay in a village called Mukut located at the south of the island.

Pui Yi puked the moment we arrived at the jetty. Pity her.

The mountain behind that looks like Mount Kinabalu behind is actually called Twin Peaks and it's one of the landmark of Mukut Village, besides the Asah Waterfall.

Actually you can't see the Twin Peaks because the whole mountain was covered by clouds.

Mukut Village is a really really typical village where most of the houses are built of woods instead of bricks.

It is something that you don't get to see in KL and PJ. Other than squatters of course.

When you are in a village, don't expect anything more such as a club.

Or a pub.

They are all abandoned due to the lack of visitors/tourists staying over since Mukut Village is not a popular spot for tourists. In my opinion, Mukut is a suitable place for retirees who would like to enjoy kampung life for a couple of days by relaxing and mingling with the extremely friendly villagers around.

These are the best looking chalet around I swear.

My first time living in a typical Malay village.

There are so many mango trees around the village that you can smell sweet mango scent all around the place! Very very sweet smell. Yummy.

Our very simple room.

Another piece of advice from me to those who have no choice like us of having to stay in Mukut but still wanted to have a lot of activities to enjoy, please, sign up for a package instead of opting for a free & easy package.

You'll never regret I assure you.

The 5 of us were waiting for Yoke Man to put on her contact lenses thus, we spent our time by doing what we do best.

By the way, that's our chalet located behind the village and almost in the middle of the jungle. Best or not you tell me?

I looked sibeh tall. I'm lovin' it.

I know I looked better in sunglasses because I can hide my small oriental eyes T_____T

The 3 of us who brought our sunglasses along.

We stayed in Coral Resort and this is their restaurant. Did you know that there were just the 6 of us staying in the whole damn resort?

Meaning, we were the only 6 staying in the chalet while the rest of the chalets are vacant, in the middle of the jungle. That also mean, we were the only 6 eating in this restaurant, which is the biggest restaurant in the entire Mukut Village.

Let's just pretend that I booked the whole resort and restaurant for my girls can??? Otherwise, damn sad okay.

People here support Barisan National. Can't believe I can still see our PM's face despite coming all the way to Tioman Island

This is so random. LOL.

Ohya, if you ever stay in Mukut, this is what you might bump into around the village.

Monitor lizard.

So kampung!!! OMG!

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