Friday, June 06, 2008

A Thank You Note

Yesterday was a memorable day.

Besides having my first ever farewell lunch after studying for 3 years in HELP with my classmates,

I was told that I'm ugly and therefore, I won't have beautiful kids in future.

Wtf right? And yes, I was told straight to my face by a guy. In front of my friends.
Isn't that wonderful?

I mean, I never think that I'm beautiful but I believe not the extent of being ugly -_- If I'm pretty, I would be the next Dawn Yang already but heck, ugly wtf? I mean, I really do find it funny though for having someone telling me with a straight face, proving that it's not a joke at all.

He said at least he's being honest instead of lying to me.

Very honest indeed. I don't mind people being honest with me but saying that in front of so many people is a bit embarrassing lor!!! Cannot tell me personally meh??? Sometimes, some guys just don't respect me as a girl T_____T

However, I'm able to laugh at it so, Mr Sim, I'm NOT angry and you don't have to worry ;) But thank you for lowering my self esteem.

Ok, now I need to go to Japan for plastic surgery already! Who's with me???

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