Monday, June 16, 2008

Sorry no long update today :( I'll be having my exam at 8am and I'm now having W-A-R with myself - between online or to study.

Online won at the moment because here I am, writing a short entry.

Before this, I read Hanis's blog (of MDG) and was hoping for an update from her and guess what I saw as I scroll down???

She linked me! I didn't tell her that I linked her in my blog you know. What a surprise right?

Yes, she was my favourite contestant/model in MDG ;) My friends all know that! Not the other 1 you know :p

I cannot sleep already now. LOL.

p/s - Cyndi dear, I'll get the tag done after my exam ok? I love doing tags when I have nothing to blog about. Kakaka.

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