Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nike Focus Group

Earlier, Sylvia and I promised to be buddy for this Nike focus group held at The Apartment in The Curve last Tuesday.

However, Sylvia got food poisoning so her place was substituted by Angela instead. If you still remember, Angela is Ken's sister that I got to know during the Nike This is Love event in April. At least I get to meet her before I leave ;)

Since I don't get to drive, I arrived pretty early and spent my time reading some books in Borders. And I have to carry a big bag of clothes with me along. Damn odd.

I think I need to explain what this focus group is all about. It's something like a discussion where a group of 8 girls sit down to discuss about fashion, shopping favourites, our fav clothes (that's why I have to bring a bag of my own clothes) and etc. Yes, everything related to shopping, fashion and Nike products. Discussion is suppose to last for 4 hours but it ended early and we spent 1 hour eating!!! It means that we only discuss for 2.5 hours or so? Damn cool!

We get to order any drinks and desserts from the menu too :p But all the girls just ordered a drink each, without dessert.

Besides, the Nike staffs (I've forgotten their names, sorry) ordered 5-6 plates of sandwiches for us. Each plate has about 3-4 pieces? VERY VERY huge sandwiches okay!!! Of course, we didn't finish everything up because we are all girls. What do you expect? Before the discussion ends, we got a cupcake each!!! *drool*

Overall, the discussion was so much fun and I can conclude that:
1) We dislike friends who imitated the way we dress.
2) We girls shop like on... weekly basis?
3) We all prefer to buy Nike shoes instead of other brands.
4) We girls always buy things on impulse.
5) All the girls used to exercise but stopped already by now. LOL.

There are many more but I can't really remember.

Before we leave, Nike ladies gave us an envelope each as a token of appreciation. Guess what's inside???

RM150 cash vouchers!!!

But valid till the end of this month -_-''' Still, Nike is as generous as ever!

Besides, I get to meet Christine from Taman SEA too!!! Teng, you remember her? Pn Julie's daughter! She remembered me first (see lah... people can recognise me again). She's as cute as ever!!! Then, there's this girl who came late and she's from HELP!!!!

First look at her, I think she's very pretty. After getting to know her, I think she's damnnnnnn cute!!! Her personality, the way she speaks and all are so adorable. She's in foundation though.

I forgot her name: You are from HELP too?
Me: Yea. You too right? But you are 2 years younger than me.
I forgot her name: But I've seen you before!!!
Me: Impossible... I'm in Business department and I don't go to the main block anymore.
I forgot her name: I know you!!! I've seen you before and I know about you!
Me: Really? LOL. I didn't know I'm famous -___________-''' (crap... what have I done in HELP??? T____T)

I'm close to 2 girls that I get to know that day named Jean and Shila and both said that I look very familiar to them!!! Frankly speaking, I do think that Jean is familiar looking too but not so much on Shila. Jean and I tried to find out how and where we met each other before but to no avail.

The mystery is still unsolved....

I want to shop in NIKE!!! Shopping shopping shopping~~~

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