Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lunch Gathering @ Royal Lake Club

For the first time, we have a farewell class gathering with classmates and our lecturer, Dr Rahim.

Frankly speaking, usually our lecturers/tutors don't even go for a drink with us, what's more organising a lunch gathering for the students? But since Dr Rahim is close to us, often hang out with us for a drink, he decided to have buffet lunch with us on our last day of class.

Venue was at Royal Lake Club (The Banquet), Kuala Lumpur.

The place is suppose to be easy to locate but we took the wrong turning (*cough* Phan *cough*), we ended up at tourist hotspots like The Bird Park and don't-know-what Muzium -_-''' However, I'm not too proud to say that I've never been to our Bird Park, Zoo Negara, FRIM and etcetera lor. So, I'm pretty excited even though we just pass by the Bird Park!

Don't laugh at me. I studied in Seremban during my younger days and my kindergarten didn't organise any trip to Zoo Negara T_____T

The ceiling.

Alright. My first impression of The Banquet was the place is really old but at least well maintained.

The stage.

According to our lecturer, Royal Lake Club is more than 100 years old!!! No wonder 90% of the people who visited that place are all uncles, aunties, grandpas and grandmas.

No doubt, we were the youngest people there.

The buffet area.
May: Eh Wan Yian... This place is like the hall for prom night for our parents' generation right?
Yian: LOL. Agree!!! So old but classic. Like our parents' generation

The buffet lunch costs us RM23.10 (include taxes) and the food is pretty alright ;) Everything is quite nice except for the macaroni which is a little too soggy.

Guys from our table (L-R) - Timmy, Phan, Sim, Jung.

Girls include 2 girls from Vietnam on the left (sorry I don't remember their names), May Yoong & I.

That's our very funny and smart lecturer, Dr Rahim.

I don't know about others but I personally do learn a lot from him though some find him a little sarcastic. I love listening to his experiences!!!

Take 1. We hug each other.

Take 2. All don't touch each other =_='''

However, sadly to say, not all the classmates are united enough because only half of the people from the class came.

And yalar, I'm surprised that KJ came -_-'''

I still remember Timmy and Jordan's reaction when he arrived!!! Soooooooo obvious! I never said that I like him also. How to clear my name now??? T______T

Guys often take better pic because they look very natural.

Jung and Claudia. She's from Germany!!! Erm... I think so +_+

2 gangsters from HELP.

These 2 fellas go around showing off their muscles while collecting protection money from people. When they don't pay up, Timmy usually shows cute faces while Phan pretends to be innocent to trick people.

Those 2 are really evil.

By the way, I find the picture a bit gay. LOL.

My very smart marketing friend.

Phan collecting protection money from our table.

T______T I'm already broke but still have to pay up. No mercy!!! So evil!

Phan, no need to hide ok. Now everyone knows what type of person you are already.

Instead of hiding Phan, be proud like what Timmy did!

To make it clear, both of them are just collecting money for the buffet. I need to clarify if not, people from HELP who read my blog will scream and run the moment they saw Phan & Tim in college. Yea, for fear that they have to pay protection money -_-

After lunch, I suggested that we should take group photo and therefore, we went outside to take pic. Very semangat.

Ken was the photographer.

Jordan was the photographer.

Among 4 group photos taken, above is the ONE and ONLY photo with Dr Rahim smiling

Ken is taller than us! LOL. I shall not reveal his secret :p

(I miss my very very long hair T__T)

And before I forget, Dr Rahim ended the day by giving us exam tips in the Banquet and then followed by a speech. I don't particularly remember everything clearly but he said he enjoyed this semester with us very much and our semester is the best batch he have ever had.

That's so nice to hear isn't it? And he wished us all the best while in UQ!!!

Dr Rahim: You only have my subject for this semester before going over right?
Yian: Yeah.... Only your subject :)
Dr Rahim: I felt so honoured you know... for you attending my class only and waiting to go over...

Dr Rahim, I enjoyed attending your class very much and I'll miss all your jokes!!! Including those x-rated ones Now I'm just waiting for my exam next week and then I shall enjoy my remaining 2 weeks plus here!

Yamchas, dinners, clubbing, shoppings and etc...

Bring It On!!! :p

p/s - Thank you soooooooo much to Ken who gave me a lift home instead of dumping me at the lrt station because it rained heavily that day. Dude, I owe you a lot ok!!! Thank you so much for being such a gentleman ;)

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