Friday, June 13, 2008

I look more like a geek now!

The new header or banner (whatever you want to call it) is up!!!!! Since my blog's theme is purple, I tried to make the banner as purplish as possible :) Don't you just love my superhero, ultraman???

Can you see the poll on the right? Vote vote vote! Pretty please???

Old vs New


My new geeky spec is finally here!!!

To be precise, I already got it since Monday :p

Here, let me present to you, the geekiest looking spectacle on earth...

Jeng~ jeng~ jeng~~~

Retro or not?

If you look closely, my spectacle frame is actually a combination of brown and black colour, which reminds me of my first ever black round spectacle back in Standard 6 =.='''

Kids, please take care of your eyes. You'll regret for having to wear spectacle I tell you T_______T

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