Saturday, June 21, 2008

I got tagged by Cyndi!!! This time is special because I got tagged by a blog reader ^.^ I'm excited!

8 things I am passionate about:
I'm going to include people in as well I don't care

1. My friends. I cannot imagine my life without friends I tell you. I'll be bored to death! And yes lah Chong, that includes you all the way in Australia! Shu Ying also ok? LOL.

2. Travelling. I love travelling very very much! I don't care where I'm going and as long as I can afford it myself, I'll go. My all time fav destination will be beaches!!! And shopping paradise of course~

3. Babies. Expected that I'll say this right? Who doesn't know that I'm obsessed passionate with babies? *cough cough*

4. Shopping. Predictable. I'm a shopaholic who is broke all the time. Pathetic.

5. Online. I online almost everyday to chat with friends, read mangas, download animes, read blogs and etc. Please don't throw me to a deserted place without internet. I'll die. Unless I have something to do to kill time

5. Yamcha/jalan-jalan cari makan. Seriously, I don't mind going out every night to have a drink with friends. Most importantly is who I'm with! Besides, I love going out for lunch/dinner with friends but, depends whether I have the cash or not.

6. Dolling up. Since I make up only once a week, which makes up to 4 times (sometimes lesser) a month, I enjoy putting on make ups whenever I hang out with friends. If it can boost my confidence, why not?

7. Mascara. LOL. My darling girlfriends all knew that! I'm not only passionate but I'm obsessed with mascaras I tell you!!! But I only use those good mascaras that are highly recommended by people. I don't use any lousy brand of mascaras though -_-

8. Watching dramas. And the only person who shares this same passion with me is Phan. Eh friend, thanks for all the dramas okay? ;)

8 things I say/type too often:

1. LOL. My friends all know that I laugh a lot. A LOT! That's why I use LOL most of the time to express myself in typing since they can't hear my laughter wtf.

2. What the? My friends always give me a very zadou moment. That's why I say that pretty often.

3. Za dou. Refer to the above.

4. Huh? Really? At times I like to pretend that I don't know anything and act stupid. I don't want to explain why. That's why I always caught people lying.

5. -________-''' - I love to use this emo a lot to express my zadou moment also.

6. Icic. I use and say this often simply because I'm tired of leading a conversation and hoping that the other party will take the lead by asking question or something. But most of the times, the conversation ends there.

7. Ah moi. Kakaka...I don't know why I like to call my girls like that. I'm weird. The way I speak is weird too T____T

8. ....wei. It seems like I like/often end my sentence with a wei. I don't know why. I like to say 'ya wei' a lot when I don't have to speak in proper english. LOL.

8 books I've read recently:

1. Tuesdays with Morrie. I've been trying very hard to finish the other half of this book and return it to YHui asap. I have a habit of not completing something, I don't know why =(

2. Truth About History. I have a lot of Reader's Digest collection and funnily, I like to read this kind of book instead of school textbook -_-''' I like books that can increase my common sense/knowledge more. LOL.

3. Strange Worlds, Amazing Places. Another 1 of my Reader's Digest collection.

4. Asian Entrepreneurship notes. This is not a book but at least I studied for exam! This subject has no textbook though.

5. True Singapore Ghost Stories. I loveeeeee books like this!!! I usually read it at night for extra oommpphhhhhh.

6. Some business books from Borders. I have too much time to spend while waiting for Angela in The Curve last Tuesday (I'll blog about it next time) so instead of wasting time, I spent time reading books in Borders. I love spending time in MPH and Borders to read books ^.^

7. Some asian history books from Borders. I was looking for Nanyang Chinese book recommended by Dr Rahim but to no avail. In the end, I just read some random history books that caught my attention.

8. Doraemon comics. LOL. I have lots of comics at home. The collection never fails to amaze my friends each time they visit my place. Kakakaka...

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
This is the toughest yet because I usually have fav album instead of fav songs.

1. 敢不敢 - Show Luo.

2. Ai Wei - Rainie Yang.

3. Ye Qu - Jay Chou (Actually I love all Jay's songs!).

4. Through the Rain - Mariah Carey.

5. 별 (Byul) - 200 Pounds Beauty

6. Colours of the Wind - Vanessa Williams.

7. Jo Gak - Ji Sun (This song is super sad!!!).

8. Nobody Wants to be Lonely - Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera.

9. My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion.

10. All songs from FIR.

Ops sorry. Seems like I've exceed 8 songs And I do love old songs.

8 things I learnt for the past year:

1. As we grew older, we tend to miss/reminisce the past a lot.

2. Treasure the moment and people around you because as we get older, people will leave us - 1 by 1.

3. Money is important. Ironic but money does make dreams come true.

4. The world is changing. There are more and more natural disasters await us.

5. I like to be independent. I like to be tough. But at the same time, I like people caring for me and treat me as a girl.

6. I came to realise that I'm already very fortunate and lucky girl compared to people whose home got hit by natural disaster. I learnt to be contented with whatever I have.

7. I learnt how to deal with disappointment. I learnt how to cope when things doesn't go the way I wanted it to be. I also learnt that there is an ugly side in every human.

8. When God shuts the doors, he will at least leave a window for you. LOL. I learnt this phrase from dramas. But it's true. Don't lose hope and give up so fast because it's not the end of the world.

8 people I would like to tag:
I would like to tag online friends too!

1. Hui Teng *cough* First time got tagged huh? *cough*

2. Josephine.

3. Crystal.

4. Xin Rou.

5. Irene (you betta kasi buat ar!!! LOL)

6. Vian.

7. Shu Ying? Ok, I know she won't do it but I just put her name there for fun :p

I'm going to stop here because I don't know who else to tag! Those whom I tagged above, you don't have the obligation to do it so it's totally up to you :)

p/s - This is a scheduled post. I'm not free to online again for a few days but my entries written beforehand will still be posted ;) Do miss me~~

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