Monday, June 02, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Missy in Da House!

Here's the answer from my previous entry!!!

Those people above were all bouncers, dancers and securities because Missy Elliot in da house!!!!

I swear my camera was turned on and I wanted to snap her photos the moment she walks in but unfortunately, I was told by the Genting securities that I'm not allowed to take Missy's photo because the management people don't like it.

Really what the fish right?

But still, I get to see Missy right in front of me, about 3 meters away!!! And man, she's so freaking short -_______-'''' On the positive note, she isn't that fat ;)

Wait!!!!!!! Does it means that while I was posing with Teng, there's a possibility that Missy saw us?

Ok, maybe not.

I loveeeeee sweetcorn~~

About 10.25pm, we went for a drink at Starbucks. It's a must to visit to Starbucks whenever I'm in Genting! It's a norm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 of my fav photo with my bestie.

T______T Somehow, I look 10x older whenever I take pic with CTho.

Mei was jealous that I didn't hug her when I take pic with her earlier. In return, she got Teng to hug her. Better than nothing Mei. Better than nothing

It looks like Starbucks survey ad -_- "What's your fav cup of Starbucks?"

The weather is funny in Genting. It was soooo misty during the day but when the night falls, it's not misty at all! Though it's not misty, but it's still a little cooling ;) And superhero me ordered ice-blended some more because the weather is considered as hot to me!

I heart coffee!!!!! Ice-blended coffee~~~ ^.^

Whipped cream. Yummy...

Look at their fingers! So cute.

We already tried our best to make the drinks look as delicious as possible. Are you convinced?

Aiyor. My eyebags are going to be bigger than my eyes T_______T

CTho's fav photo.

Teng's jacket don't have hoodie so she has to take pic for us

We sat there from 10.25pm till 1 something am playing cards! What to do, we initially planned to sneak in to the casino but both CTho and PYi looked too young to enter. For sure the securities will notice. So, we ended up playing cards in Starbucks instead :p

While we were playing, I was told by the girls (when we went back to our room) that a group of men seated behind Mei kept teasing and disturbing our conversations -_-''' I really didn't notice because:

1) I don't understand Chinese. So, I didn't know they were talking to us.
2) They are all men.
3) They are not handsome.
4) They are old.

How to pay attention to them you tell me???

Those bastards are too free I guess. They even accused us of gambling because they saw me passing money to Mei, not knowing that the money is actually for my ice-blended

I looked damn serious in playing cards isn't it?

Of course wei! The 1 who lost must suffer humiliation from the other girls you know! So, it's like a WAR! Must win!

I enjoyed the time we spent in Starbucks because besides playing cards, we actually blasted our hp speaker to the max volume and we sang over there! In public!

We really know how to enjoy ourselves... in a way.

Lots of camwhored photos in the next entry. Tell me who's the best poser of all!

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