Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Fairest of Them All

After hours of Starbucking, we decided to go back to our room because it's getting colder and late already but before that, we *cough* stopped by to do things that girls love to do.


We took lots of group photos and I actually enjoyed myself stopping strangers to take photos for us!

Forgotten who: Faster ask people to take pic for us!
Me: Waitttt... I'm targeting lengchai to take for us....

After 5 minutes....

Me: Damn. No lengchai. Got to ask uncle already T______T
Everyone: LOL.

As I've warned you people earlier, this entry will be flooded with lots of camwhored photos! Lo and behold!!!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's...

That's 1 of my and CTho's favourite photo :)



I refused to stick out my tongue because I know very well that I have a short tongue T______T


Luckily I wasn't asked to pose like that! I don't suit all the cute poses... -_-

them all? Me again??? THANKS!!! XD

Me: Pui Yi... TAKE FASTER!!! So many people are looking at us!!!

Serious shit. Very

Whose idea is that??? Teng or Mei????????

Cute or not? XD

I kept stopping people randomly to take pic for us and this uncle (I'm not sure he's a Malaysian or not) is exceptionally friendly! He actually smiled when he saw us posed like that. Yea, I think our pose is too cute for people of his age. LOL.

"We are staying on the 15th floor"

That was my brilliant idea!!! Come to think of it, most of the poses were thought by ME!!! What is this???

Don't you think Pui Yi's pose seems very familiar to you? Was it Bernice Liu or Andrea Fonseka's pose for Marie France Bodyline?

Cheok Tho wanted to imitate too but failed miserably.

We all slept around 5.45am because we spent the whole night having heart-to-heart/pillow talk!!! And I dare to say, that was our favourite part of the whole entire trip!

We talked about everything!!! But mostly about our past and current relationships after Form 5, catching up with each other's life and also girl talk such as sex, types of guys and girls out there, thoughts on relationship commitment and etc. I am really grateful that everyone is so open and honest about everything and no one is hiding anything from each other. We just spill everything out, gave honest opinions and advices on each other, encouraged/consoled each other and things like that.

All I can say is that, girls are more open minded now

I love to have pillow (I prefer to call it as heart-to-heart talk because it felt closer that way :p) talk with my girls!!!! I realised that many actually prefer to listen to people's secret instead of sharing theirs with the rest -_-''' But these girls are different! They are so open about everything! Maybe because we are comfortable with each other ;)

Conclusion: More heart-to-heart talk after my finals? And yea, we all prefer mature guys! LOL. I, for instance, cannot stand guys who are childish and immature -_-'''

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