Thursday, June 05, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Brekkie With Yian

Seriously, going to bed at 5.45am (CTho and I slept after 6) and having to wake up at 7.45am for buffet breakfast is not an easy task.

By the way, the breakfast buffet starts from 7-10am.

All of us were reluctant to wake up but since we've promised to go for breakfast together, we dragged ourselves out of bed, tidied ourselves and headed downstairs for breakfast.

We arrived at 9am. 1 hour left for breakfast.

Breakfast buffet at First World Cafe.

The cafe is actually freaking big with different sections have different themes. Unfortunately that we arrived late, we were asked to go to the ugliest section of all...

...that looks like a pariah food court -_- Fine, it's not that bad actually but if were to compare it with other sections, this is the worst I must say.

The place is packed with people as if the buffet is free for everyone.

There are a few types of breakfast for you to choose from like Malaysia breakfast such as nasi lemak, American breakfast, toasts, cereals or Chinese breakfast such as fried mee, pau, porridge and etcetera.

To me, the food are not that good actually =x

Okay, the ham is nice

I asked them to pose for the camera but they said they were too hungry to layan me.

But even after they are full, they still don't want to layan my camera T______T

Initially there were this group of guys wanted to share a table with us but Yee Mei chased them away by giving them a deadly stare! She's so funny! She can just tell them to sit elsewhere but instead, she gave them a stare!!! Hahahaha.... Thank goodness they 'understand' before it's too late.

Their dressing are quite nice, very tall and look also ok but we believe they all are younger than us! LOL. Mei, don't bully small kids!!! No wonder they kept turning behind to stare at us

Jatuh image.

Muahahaha... Look at my after-bed hair!!! Super cannot!

We spent more than an hour in the room resting, chatting and singing before checking out!!! This was a super relaxing holiday I tell you. We practically take everything slowly and we don't rush anything at all. So syiok.

Finally it's coming to an end. Next entry will the my last Genting entry and man, I'm glad that it's coming to an end. I believe you all are sick of reading the same thing for the past 1 week right? DAMN!!! I can't believe there's only 1 pic of my face in this entry -_____-

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