Sunday, June 01, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Being in the Limelight

After chatting with the Fish Spa uncle, we continued to walk around and we saw this!


People who read Chinese newspaper or listen to Chinese radio station should be aware that Grasshopper will be staging their concert in Genting on the 14th of June.

Seriously, because we are too bored and have nothing much to do other than walking around aimlessly (to top it off, no handsome hunks some more T___T), this idea hit me and this is what we did...

We imitated the poster behind!!!!!! Are we brave or what???

We all really did it right in front of all the tourists and locals -_- Some even stopped by to look at us, laughed and thought we were performing or something.

I actually laughed non-stop! You can see how hard I tried not to laugh +_+

I remembered Teng is the one who took this pic for us and she kept NG-ing!!!!!! Causing us to retake again and again!

Sei po. You did it on purpose is it? T_____T

I will never forget the look of those people who stopped by to stare at us and somehow, were entertained by our antics. I hope nobody took photo of us lor seriously... T________T

Who do you think is the best poser?
ME? Really? Aaawww... Thank you soooo much darlings!

Miss Malaysia Genting pose.

1 of my fav photo :)

Next, we adjourned to check out the price for karaoke (midnight session) and the price quoted were exorbitant! What? RM50++ for 2 hours or something? And that excludes food.

Feeling a tad disappointed, we went out to take pictures instead ^.^

We asked another group of teenagers to take for us. They are sooo friendly!

Teng... I think I'm taller than Yee Mei already instead of the other way round -_- Pity her always got to stand behind each time we take pics.

After a decent group photo, we actually tried to do a 'jumping pose' but thanks to our photographers - Teng and Pui Yi, none of the photos can be used! We kept jumping and people kept staring at us. Memalu-fying.

But those photos are funny to laugh at.

Both are so devoted. Teng puts her left leg in the drain and PYi is willing to squat -_-

Both never see flowers before

My idea of posing like that.

My idea too.

We were pretty afraid if any cars will stop by to give us a lift - only to know that we were actually posing.

Cheok Tho's fav photo.

I have no idea how the Bumcity ad looks like but according to Cheok Tho, she said this photo looks very much like the poster in First World's Bumcity.

To the person in-charge of Bumcity: Interested to change your models to Asians or not??? Salary is negotiable.

These 2 models tak boleh pakai XD

They are imitating the goddess statue behind.

Frankly speaking, I think Pui Yi is the best poser among us!!! Too bad she's not tall enough.

Wait, if Ringo can make it, Pui Yi still stands a chance! *wink*

Photo taken a little too far away :(

I like this photo!

I like it because I think I looked cool in it
Thick skin I know....

Finally, I shall end this entry with the funniest photo taken in Genting!

Towing her away.


Yes, we did this in front of many people and securities!! You don't have to keep reminding me you know T_______T

Do you wonder why there are so many people and securities crowding in front of the Genting Hotel's entrance? You know what to do don't you? ;) Stay tuned!

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