Friday, June 06, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Back to KL

This is finally the last entry of my Genting trip!!!

Aren't you just glad that I'm finally blogging about something else instead? Actually I'm pretty tired of having to refresh my fantastic memory on this 3 weeks old trip also.

Are you interested to know who carried the biggest bag for this trip? Not interested also must pretend that you are! Someone you can't predict I tell you

Dammit. Not me lah...

Cheok Tho - the smallest girl among us!!!

She not only carries a huge backpack, she also has a plastic bag to keep her clothes!

CTho: I think I brought 5-6 pieces of t-shirts...
Yian: What the??? We are only staying 1 night you know. Not 1 week wei...
CTho: Hahaha... I know... But I need to mix and match my attire and all...
Yian: -_____-''''''''''''

I'm so embarrassed to even tell people that I brought 3 pieces of shirts only (2 for outing & 1 to sleep at night).

Second place falls to Pui Yi.

Though she only has 1 backpack and appears to have less luggage compared to Teng, but her backpack is relatively heavy!

Third place belongs to Teng.

Actually her plastic bag contains Maggi mee for us! And her backpack is pretty light. So yea, don't let her fool you.

I'm at the 4th place because my backpack is so freaking small!!!

I actually wanted a bigger backpack but that's the biggest I have T_______T Yea, and my college friends were even surprised to learn that I brought such a small school bag to school

I even have to tumpang my slipper in Teng's bag because my bag don't have additional space for it already. Pathetic I know.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the heroin among us with the smallest bag in the world for a girl....

Ms Mei.

Do you know that that green bag on the left is her luggage for the 2 days 1 night stay in Genting? I forgot to learn the secret from her on how she managed to squeeze everything into that small bag which is equivalent to the size of my shopping bag.

Smart girl. Toothbrush also forgot to bring. Thank goodness there's a Watsons. If not, got to use your finger to brush your teeth already!

Misty misty Genting.

On the way to the Skyway, we passed by Genting Hotel and decided to go out for the last time before leaving. Damn best can? It's misty and cooling outside!!!

My top doesn't look good with jeans -_- But it's inconvenient to wear skirts in Genting!

Our last group picha in Genting.

Fei chai Digi.

Time to leave. But I miss the weather in Genting T_________T

Bye. Ciao.

I have a good hair day ^.^

Mei, Pui Yi, Teng.

Seated at the last row T___T

But at least when we left, the bus has teenagers and youngsters instead of all uncles and aunties.

Camerawoman: Pui Yi.

Our last group photo turned out blurry because we took it in a moving bus and since we were seated at the last row, it's freaking bumpy.

"Thank you for reading" ;)

Finally, thank you people for time and patience in following my longest entry in Contagious Laughter's history!!!

Urgh. So hot in PJ -_-'''

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