Monday, June 09, 2008

First and foremost, sorry for the late reply for the tagboard messages because I didn't online since Friday onwards after writing the 'Thank You Note' to hang out with my darlings. It means that the mascots entry was written earlier and scheduled it to post later. (I seriously think post-dated function by Blogger is the best thing ever!!! ^.^)

Secondly, which is the most important of all, thank you sooooooo much to all the beautiful people who had backed me up and encouraged me whether in my blog, msn or face-to-face personally after reading that entry! I'm surprised that there are people who will console me because nobody even back me up when I was told off there and then itself.

Thank you! You all are the sweetest. You know who you are ;) At least I know who my real friends are who will stay with me no matter what! And surprisingly, I certainly did not expect my brother to get so damn pissed after knowing about it. LOL. He certainly has grown up to be a protective brother now instead of being ignorant.

Thirdly, Sim himself already texted me to apologise over the matter and he mentioned that he don't intend to insult me or whatsoever. So, what is it for??? Hahaha... I'm just curious :p But anyhow my friend, as I said, it's ok ;) You are just being honest. Publicly.

Instead, I'm worried that my entry might offend you instead.

Fourthly, I didn't online since Friday is because I have a guest staying in my house for 2 nights and my mood has been extremely down because after the 'ugly' incident, another thing happened. So, thank you my friends who accompanied me yamcha till the wee hours because I don't feel like going home early :p And also listening to all my rants.

I'm very cheong hei (long-winded) I know.

Suddenly I felt that friends are everything to me. Everyone planned many things and wanted to see me as often as possible before July, making me feel extremely grateful and treasured.

I heart you people!!!

And also my friends whom I see everyday in college!!!

People must have friends to survive right? LOL.

Anyway, I don't want to be cheong hei anymore. Time to sign off and edit photos but just to let you know, I've trimmed cut my hair!!!

Suddenly so short already and am not quite used to it T_______T

p/s-My meaning of short is not above the shoulder length. If you realise, I do have very very long hair! So now, it's much shorter now. LOL.

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