Saturday, May 03, 2008

With all the twists and turns, bad and good stuff that have been going around (I got dragged in out of a sudden -_- I know it's all misunderstanding but seriously, I don't give a damn in explaining it since I'm not the one who started the mess and nobody wants to discuss about it +_+), I need to have a good laugh and get over the matter as soon as possible.

As usual, I turned to my photo albums to spot some funny pictures to laugh at and guess what I found!

Photo taken back in 2006.
L-R - May Yoong, Sim, Li Lee, Phan, Sylvia, Yung Hui, Jordan, Ken, Siu Fai.


It's amazing how everyone's look has changed! The most drastic change will be Ken and Phan and I'm so proud of them for changing their hairstyle =) It is indeed, a very wise choice lor.

May Yoong's hair is longer now, Li Lee's hair is shorter, Sim is still sporting the same smurf hairstyle, Sylvia is skinnier, Yung Hui's hair is funkier, Jordan has thicker hair 2 years ago -_-''' and Siu Fai's hair is longer now.

Ahhh... those were the days~

Photo taken back in 2006 too.

I have no idea why we did that in the first place.

Meng Fai's centre parting hairstyle is so freaking funny!

That time we were celebrating Sim's 20th birthday (still so young back then) in Chili's and we were laughing and playing the whole time (naivety contributes largely to the joy for sure). Now, with all the stress that we are having, we don't seem to enjoy ourselves that much anymore, agree?

*hint* *hint* I think it's time to have road trip for bonding purposes

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