Sunday, May 18, 2008

UQ Talk in Ritz Carlton Hotel

I have more than enough rest lately and now I shall blog something 'light & short' instead because my brain is still rusty.

Last Tuesday (13/5/08), my friends and I signed up for a UQ talk in Ritz Carlton hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The talk is from 7pm-9pm and we are suppose to be at college by 5pm for some light snacks since dinner won't be provided.

Ohya, I forgot to mention that I bought a tube of mascara glitters from NZX on Saturday and that day was the first time I tried it out :p

I don't have beautiful eyes nor long lashes. Please don't mind. (Eyeliner, mascara and mascara glitters only)

Since the brand is not famous, I don't know where it's from. If I'm not mistaken, I think it should be from Korea. The photos above didn't do its justice because I think it's more 'glitter-ish' in real life.

Back to my main topic again (sorry, I'm always out of topic -_-), I was the last to arrive at college and Josephine (UQ's advisor) kept asking me to tapau the leftover KFC and donuts because those were my share. I didn't want to at first because I had late lunch that day and am still full even though it's already 5-ish.

But in the end, I am forced to bring home no matter what and thank goodness I can leave it in the bus instead of having to carry it around in Ritz Carlton -_-''' I'll talk about that at the end of this entry.

May Yoong got dimples just like me ^.^

I love my lip colour that day! Oh yeah~~ perasaan I know...

The smallest bus in our college. But just nice to accommodate all of us.

Seriously, her name is Happy. I'm not kidding!

Jordan loves the camera~

Finally, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur but the bus driver stopped at the wrong place and therefore, we have to do some walkings.

Shortcut to Ritz Carlton.

"Wah... the hotel is so beautiful"

That's what I thought the moment I stepped into Ritz Carlton. However, in less than a minute, I was told that we were in the wrong place

It's suppose to be Ritz Carlton, not The Residences!

No wonder it's so beautiful.

The entrance of Ritz Carlton hotel smells like rubbish dump or urine -_-'''

I wonder why so big difference compared to The Residences.

Finally, here we are at the correct Ritz Carlton.

Camwhore in the lift.

Please don't ask me why I looked like that in the pic T_____T
(Ee Lian... email me the photos too can? I might look better in your camera! Hahahahaha)

Soooooooo cute!!!!! Ee Lian -> Soo Wen.

Soo Wen said since we are here in Ritz Carlton, might as well take more pics around. However, only Ee Lian posed with her and I became the camera woman girl. Others are camera shy

Very classy walkway.

A random restaurant.

Another walkway with different theme.

We were brought round and round the place and the next thing I knew, we were back to The Residences

Really za dou.

Ee Lian, Soo Wen, Crystal.

Half of us waited in front of this hall and we sensed that something is amiss. How come there isn't anyone around??? Not even students from other colleges!

Yea man. Only to realise later that we went to the wrong place +_+
Jordan... you failed!!!!

Finally at the correct hall.

Staffs from UQ.

Most students are from HELP.

I dare to say that 65% of the people attended were from our college! No wonder UQ representatives said that most of their international students are from HELP. Better treat us like VIPs ok!!!

Alright, back to the food that I'm suppose to bring home. It's so embarrassing to carry around I tell you!

I was given this HUGEEEEEE box to carry home T___T Apparently, Josephine don't have a smaller container or something.

But the funniest thing is, in this huge box, there's only...

a piece of chicken inside...

and also a donut

You tell me, embarrassing to carry around or not? Thank goodness I can leave it in the bus! Or else, I die die also will force myself to finish it in the bus.

Conclusion: No leng chais to UQ for July intake *nooooooooooooooooo*

(Ee Lian, I'll email you the photos soon ok? It's because I've forgotten your email address :p)

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