Thursday, May 22, 2008

Question of the Day:

Are you willing to have sex with only 1 person in your life?

If you say 'no', does that mean that you are willing to have pre-marital sex, affair(s) behind your spouse's back or divorce and then remarry again? I'm so interested to know about young people's thinking now and I actually thought of putting up a poll!

But nah, I don't think it's right for me to do that in the first place =)

Alright. Regarding my 2 days 1 night outstation, it's nothing in particular since it's such a short trip planned extremely last minute by my darlings. I'm still hesitating whether to blog about it or not considering that nothing much happened other than tonnes of photos taken!

Teng: Oh no! I looked so dark!!!
Yian: Damn. And I looked too fair -_-
Yee Mei: It's like yin and yang...

Can we turn back time?

I'm missing you girls already and all the good times that we had!
Honestly, that's why I love going to school :)
Because I can see all my friends everyday...

I know I cannot live without friends

But no doubt there are certain people who are really difficult to deal with lah! Hot tempered those is still alright/tolerable. But I really cannot tolerate people who are extremely unreasonable because I only like constructive arguments :( So, if they are being so unreasonable, how am I suppose to sit down and reason with them right? And yes, explaining myself is not quite my style unless I really have to (like the matters got really serious and all). Don't make me lose my patience, really. :)

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