Saturday, May 24, 2008

Moi chose to go to a specialist in Taman Megah today for medical check-up since it's 1 of the panel from the list given to me but to my horror, they told me that they are no longer the panel for it!!!

Happy!!!!!!!! The list that you gave us is an old list is it???

And so, I gave a call to several other clinics and finally I found 1 in PJ state. That receptionist told me that they do full Australian medical examination and after a while, an old Indian uncle asked me to come in and the first thing he said to me was...

Indian grandpa uncle: Take off your clothes.
Yian: Where???
Indian uncle: There (pointing at the changing room behind)...
Yian: Phew~ Ok ok...

But I've never felt so cheap in my life of being asked to take off my clothes by an uncle older than my father lor!!!!

Emo now emo.

I'm asked to wear a very loose and thin blouse like what patients wear in hospital but to my disgust, it's so freaking dirty with blood stain and unknown stain here and there -_- But thank goodness I managed to find the cleanest blouse in the end.

After the whole crap, the receptionist told me that they actually don't do medical check-up but x-ray only and I'm asked to go to another clinic that they recommend in PJ state. In return, they'll send my x-ray to that particular clinic lah. I didn't know clinic also will con people 1.

So there I am, wasting my time travelling from a place to another.

Finally I get to do my check-up and guess what?

I got a male doctor to examine me!!!

So freaking embarrassing is all I could say -_-'''

Before he starts to examine me, he asked me how old I am and I told him that I'm 20. After he has done what he's suppose to, he said to the nurse, "Oh... She's just a small girl..."

What the??? Small girl? Oh... what's so small now???

I'm... too... hungry... and... weak... to... type... tonight... because... I'm... not... allowed... due... to... my... medical... check-up... later...


Usually I don't eat supper but tonight I didn't eat much for dinner (I don't know why also. Just no appetite) and as a result, I'm famished.

That pretty much explains why I cannot go on diet and what's more - fast!
Now just pray that I won't have gastric tonight.

Hungry T____T

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