Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm A Survivor

Hey hey hey! Yesterday was Wesak Day and the best thing about Wesak Day is? It's a public holiday!!!!

How nice is that? How did you spend your Monday people?

Sunday is always my family day (all my close friends know that! You don't know meaning you are not that close to me. Kakakaka...) and since we didn't go out on Sunday, dad decided to bring us out for the whole day on Monday instead ^.^

Destination: Kuala Lumpur!

Being a PJ girl, I seldom shop in KL from day till night because I have to take public transportation home and therefore, I have to leave early no matter what. So, the excited me...

I know where you are looking at -_-'''

is all geared up for the outing :)

As for my look, I know I did a big mistake. The golden rule for make-up is to have a balance for your look. That I mean, you either concentrate it on your eyes or your lips. If you have dark eye make-up (smoky), you play it down on your lips and vice versa.

Yesterday, the sleepy me (I slept at 6-ish and have to wake up at 9am T_T) was kinda lazy and wanted to have a nude and natural make-up.

Which explains why I looked a little pale +___+ Trust me, my lips don't look that pale in person.

Me with yuan yang/yin yang/yin yong/whateva crap tea.

Dad parked at the BB Plaza and we shopped at Low Yat, Sungei Wang before hopping over Pavilion just to accompany moi to shop.

Ultra delicious. Trust meeee~~~

Shopping halfway, dad decided to have a break (if not, I believe his legs will break) at this I-forgot-the-name place for high tea.

I tell you, you must try their toast!!!

Especially the peanut butter flavour! Not that the kaya flavour sucks or whatever, just that I think the peanut butter tastes much better :) I took pictures of my parents too but I don't want to put them up. I scared they might not like it.

Since it's pretty late now, to summarize, I bought some skin care products (I realised it's time to take good care of my skin because it's getting from bad to worse), cosmetics (cosmetics and skincare are from Skinfood), clothes, screen protector for my camera (bought that time that jerk didn't include! Cis!!!), pumps (super cute ok! Peep toe some more. I used to hate peep toe heels but this is too cute to resist. I'm a sucker for cute stuff I know T___T) and etc. I also realised that I spent too much yesterday simply because my dad is paying for every single things that I bought -_-'''

I have no choice. I need some of those stuff but I'm way too broke to buy it myself.

You know what, since I came back from outstation on Friday, I didn't realise that I left RM6 in my purse only! Can you believe it? I went out shopping in KL with only RM6!!!

Thank goodness my dad was 24/7 with me to pay for my shoppings or else, I have to tell the kakaks that I've go to the atm machine first to withdraw money. That'll be the most embarrassing moment in my 20 years of life for sure T______T

So yea, conclusion, I survived with RM6.

Dinner at Jalan Imbi where my parents said that restaurant serves extremely good, or rather, simply the best wan tan hor around! However, I was so freaking disappointed because that was simply the saltiest wan tan hor ever in my life!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Salt is too cheap is it????

I questioned my parents about their recommendation and they said their wan tan hor is really the best 20 over years ago.

Yea baby. It's good 20 over years ago. I was so speechless but I can see that they are more disappointed than my brother and I. Sigh.

Guess what my brother bought for himself yesterday.

Gundam Nadleeh.

It's another Gundam model!!!! I'm forced to fix it with him until 3am some more!!!

Those who watch Gundam anime (I don't watch Gundam anyway. So don't ask me anything related to it) should be able to tell that the above isn't complete. And yes you are right! It isn't complete because my brother like that form better and said he'll fix the remaining armors next time.

Die lor. I have to spend another night helping him again T_____T

My brother's hobby is so expensive isn't it? That handsome boy above costs RM130!

*vomit blood*

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