Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cockroach sambal, anyone?

At this very moment, I felt like screaming...


I'm not insane. Nor having PMS. I just checked my mail and my friend emailed this very "interesting" email to me. Before I show you the photos, read this statement first.

I quote:

Dear colleagues and friends,

Take note of what you order from our local Indian Muslim restaurants especially the one near the post office in Damansara Jaya. A colleague and I were shocked to find a cockroach in our nasi lemak yesterday morning. To be precise, it was in the sambal or chili paste. The worst part of it all was that the shop owner even after clearing our plates continued to sell the dish to other patrons. Can you imagine if children were to eat it?

Vincent Lim.

Warning: Disgusting photos ahead -_-''' Actually not that disgusting lah to those who have never been there before.

Syed Abu. On the way to my house sure can see this restaurant 1.

Eh? Apa tu?

Cockroach sambal... anyone?

What the fish?????????

I yamcha here before ok!!! I really thank God that I just drank my usual teh-O-ice whenever I yamcha over there with friends T________T

Now that I've calmed down from screaming my lungs out upon seeing these uber disgusting photos, I felt a little bit -_- because I remembered the first time I been there, this friend of mine kept persuading me to eat something and that he'll foot the bill.

Luckily I did not lor! If not, I'll be eating this *toot* *toot* *toot* (censored for readers below 18 like Josephine :p) cockroach sambal!!!

Damn. I felt like puking now already!

To revenge warn my friend who asked me to eat something from Syed Abu, I forwarded this email to him because I know he frequents that place every now and then (like on weekly basis).

I know I'm a little bit evil. But I'm just trying to warn him.
So actually, I'm a very kind girl
I hope he'll thank me in return =x

I have a question to ask.

Do you find people who complain constantly and are never contented with life annoying?

I don't know about you guys but I certainly do. I mean, everyone does complain. But don't you get sick of people who complain every single thing about their life including those tiny little stuff? Why can't people be more contented and stop complaining or whining? You are already very fortunate to be born in a good family instead of in Africa where they don't even have food to eat!

To people who complain a lot, think about it and stop being so childish!
Always complain, not tired 1 meh? -_-'''

On a brighter side...

... I can finally relax a bit after submitting my assignment yesterday ^.^ Actually I spent the whole night doing the assignment and submitted it in the morning after class. That's why I was so tired that I went to sleep after eating a piece of watermelon as lunch.

Yes darling!!! A piece of tembikai as lunch!!!!

And no, I'm absolutely not on diet.

I'll go on diet when I think it's the right time. Right now, it's not the time yet. Don't ask me why lah. I'm shy.

I shall end this entry abruptly because I want to watch G.T.O anime now (to kill time since I can't sleep :p). Die. I have the sudden urge to watch Sailormoon too -_-'''

I want to sing k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone?

Ok. End.

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