Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Duck King @ Jaya 1

I guess one of my favourite makan place over the weekend would be Jaya 1 now :)

Sunday is a family day mah.

Jaya 1 is a new commercial place in Section 13 (near to UTAR) with mostly all restaurants and cafes and please don't get mistaken Jaya 1 with Jaya 33. Jaya 33 has all the restaurants in 1 building but Jaya 1 is an open air area with individual shop lots.

This is Jaya 33 in Section 14, opposite Digital Mall.

Since I did not take any pic of Jaya 1 area, I tried to google up the photo but to no avail. However, 1 thing I dislike about Jaya 1 is.... the place looks like a maze to me!!! Despite visiting to that place several times, I still feel a bit lost each time I'm there (as a matter of fact, my sense of direction is not that bad 1 lor -_-).

Still, I like that place A LOT especially at night because it's spacious and quiet, so it's a good place for yamcha session

Anyhow, went there last Sunday to try out this place.

Raja Itik.

Looking at their duck logo, did you sense something is wrong?

Why is that duck showing middle finger huh??????

Ok ok... Maybe I shouldn't be bothered over such trivial matter but I really find that rather amusing you know.

Roasted duck rice.

I ordered Roasted Duck Rice and despite being a little expensive @ RM8.80, it is pretty good I must say. And please lah, don't compare the price of a plate of duck rice in coffeeshop with restaurant =.=''' You'll make me feel very sad for paying so much.

Duck noodle I think.

Duck noodle is also priced @ RM8.80. Chinese tea hot (not even cold!) - RM2.

Like I said, though it's a little pricey, but the ducks are really really good!!! Besides duck, they have a variety of other dishes as well but since it's only lunch, we didn't order much.

Like mother, like daughter don't you think? Fine lor.. I have rounder face can? T____T

The place was packed with people and we have no choice but to be seated outside instead. As you can see, the food is so expensive and yet the place is packed. You can guess how rich Malaysians are today.

Teng, Jaya 1 has BBQ Chicken restaurant too! Maybe we should try out over there instead of NZX ;)

There are sooo many resturants and I can't wait to try out every single one of them, except for Secret Recipe, Starbucks and etc, where I can find it almost everywhere.

After dinner we adjourned to One Utama for shopping!!!!!!!!! What to do, the SALE is on people! That's why I have a love-hate relationship with that 4 letter words +_+

I wanted to buy 2 pairs of heels from Vincci but to my disappointment, they don't have my size! T__________T Why???

Teng, it's time to accompany me to other Vincci outlets. Let's go to KL for shopping! Please~~
And I wanna cut my hair :)

Crap... it's morning now, time to sleep...

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